Toned & smooth, young jock jerks & cums in car

Why can’t I ever be around when things like this happen? I can only jealously imagine how many guys are currently jerking off or being blown in their cars right now. I just hope one day I stumble upon a scene like this, with a hot young shirtless jock jerking in his car, because I’d be more than happy to help him out with his hard-dick problem…

But then I think they’d be a queue waiting behind me too. Because he’s simply stunning- handsome, toned, smooth and with a decent looking uncut dick on him that he’s proud to show off to the camera… If not to the people around him, because he’s super nervous about being caught jerking off in his car. He keeps looking around, making sure no-one’s going to appear at his window.

I think the danger is really getting him off though. Because it doesn’t take him long, jerking his dick aggressively, before he’s shooting his tasty white load of cum on his smooth abs. Funny though, as soon as he’s done shooting he starts up his car and begins to drive- cum still coating his fingers, his dick still out of his shorts, spunk still dripping across his abs…

And check out his legs! Hot right!!

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