Will Braun is going to bottom for the first time

Will Braun is a notorious young man in that he’s never got his ass fucked on camera- or even in real life. So it’s something of a miracle than Men.com have managed to talk him into giving up his virginal hole on screen. Here’s Will explaining in his own words why he’s going to be getting his butt pounded on camera for the first time ever.

We don’t have long to wait to see it for ourselves, so get over to the site now if you want to get membership in preperation for the grand unveilwing- I know I’ll have my tissues and lube ready for the second it hits the site! I’ve wanted to see the guy who has fucked so many different men over the years get payback!

And if you think your budget can’t stretch to a full membership, don’t forget you can do the $1 one day membership deal with Men.com and rub your dick raw for a whole twenty four hours!

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