Why I love Craigslist men seeking men section #1

Sometimes in the middle of the night, when I can’t sleep and I’ve utterly exhausted the jerking capabilities of my cock with whatever porn I’ve reviewed that day, I get the urge to go see what others are doing with their evenings. And for that, I naturally turn to the Craigslist.com men seeking men section, where anyone can go post anything they’re looking for without fear of identification.

Most of it’s the usual stuff- looking for an anonymous pump and dump, a quickie blowjob, a glory hole suck or a hot black ass to fuck. But sometimes you get some real interesting requests, that offer a fascinating glimpse into a strangers psyche. The kind of thing I might never imagined would get someone off- but obviously does.

In this series I bring you the most surprising or interesting ones I find, and today we have…

Free Driving Service For Any Teen/Twink Who Spits A Lot In My Face – 63
Much older Guy here looking for any lad under 26 to dominate and make me serve you while you gob and flem in my face and mouth with or without sex.

I been used for driving chores before by lads, some with the odd suck and rim, and other who just likes spitting and maybe pissing dominating. Both are good.without and as sex and physical contact are not essential, alpha straights looking to own and use someone for chores like driving and everyday stuff are welcome too.

Genuine ad here and willing to be put on trial, so get back. A pic helps but not essential.

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