Where a guy chooses to cum says a lot about him..

Personally, I think you can tell a lot about a man from where he wants to dump his load. Generally it’s a spur-of-the-moment decision at the point of maximum instinct & minimal clarity that embodies the ‘OH SHIT I’M GOING TO CUM’ cliff edge. That moment exposes the fundamentals of a man- is he sexually aggressive or sensual? Does he respect or dislike the guy he’s fucking? Is he repressed or liberated?

Where a guy chooses to cum says a lot about him..

This is my theory, work with me here..

Up the butt

If he wants to cum up your ass, bareback or not,  it’s a deep longing to leave a lasting impression, to know that his sperm is swishing around inside somebody for the next few hours. It’s like marking his bitch, or even as far as ‘knocking someone up’. On the other hand he might be deeply traditional/hate the sight of cum- thus it ending up in any hole is better than none.

A splash across the cheeks

If he pulls out at the last minute and pops his load on your ass then he’s more interested in seeing how impressive his cum-shot was than giving you a good ride. Plain and simple- he’s in it for his pleasure alone. If he grabs his phone and videos it then you know you’ve got an exhibitionist in the house.


It’s kind of boring but still fun enough; he wants you to see him shoot but doesn’t want be seen as too dominating. It balances the fine line between aggression and thoughtfulness, as he marks you his cum bitch but also saves you from having to wash your sheets.
A mouthful of love

This ones more nuanced so I’m going to break it down..

Mouth (with permission)

He has a deep desire to be accepted and loved. He wants you to savor his cum, nay rejoice in it’s texture and taste, and tell him everything is going to be fine, that he’s popular and beautiful and desired.. and then he doesn’t call you the next day.

Mouth (without permission)

If he grabs you by the hair and yanks you around so his cock is spooging on your tongue, without prior asking for your blessing, then he’s a dominant alpha-male & possibly sadistic as he revels in his victims confusion as they swallow his load (If you’re like this please email me your cell number).

The porn classic

Between the mouth and the face, I can’t decide which is more taboo. Getting your face covered in cum must be humiliating if you don’t like it (it’s hard for me to imagine that, but I’m trying), but even if you do enjoy it, it’s still a potent act of submission for a man to experience.

On your knees, feeling hot spurts of cum hit you in the face that mat your hair and drip into your mouth, your eyes stinging a little as you look up into the grinning, satisfied face of a dominant top. Erotic- yes, dignified? No, I’m afraid not. And that’s coming from a fan.


There’s certainly pressure for the top. Seeing a hungry face looking up at him, desperate for a feeding, has to be distracting if you’re not on your game. If he can’t cum and starts crying, well, he’s either anxious or Catholic. Thankfully it’s only happened to me once and as it turns out- tears make for good lube.

3 responses to “Where a guy chooses to cum says a lot about him..”

  1. Nick says:

    That he ate asparagus for dinner and is being considerate!

  2. Cody Allen says:

    What does right into the throat say? 😛

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