So what’s the deal with post orgasm torture?


So- you’ve blown your load. You’re slowly stroking your cock, basking in the afterglow of a delicious orgasm when, instantly, the pleasure pulls a bait and switch and mutates into unbearable over-stimulation. Shrinking your universe down to one throbbing point: the head of your dick.

“It is really some sweet torture, isn’t it?”

Where every subsequent touch of your cock leaves you a quivering, twitching mess.

It’s the moment you entered what’s called the refractory period’, where a man’s dick becomes hypersensitive enough to stop him fucking ’til his dick falls off. Your cock has done its job, and now it just wants to be left alone. Except- we don’t want to leave it alone.



The over-stimulation of a man’s dick, as his freshly spewed cum is still dripping off of his balls, teases him to the confusing and fascinating place where pleasure boundaries with pain, where a single touch of his swollen glans can make him whine like a caged animal.

It’s power play. It’s helplessness.

It’s post orgasm torture.

I think I get it. But let’s be clear. Post orgasm torture is…

The idea, and application, couldn’t be simpler.

“I let a guy do this to me once. Biggest problem was he stopped cause I was banging the headboard against the wall.”

You edge your partner (read: willing victim) until he’s begging to have his mind-shattering orgasm, and instead of stopping whatever it is that got him off- be it wanking, sucking or bouncing your ass on his dick- once he’s shot his load you continue to stimulate his cock. Maybe even more than you were before.

In seconds he’ll be moaning, bargaining, begging, whimpering for the torment to end. It’s really quite incredible- one stroke of his glans, and I can guarantee the most stoic and hardy of men will crumple into a quivering mess of masculinity.

And all you’re doing is jerking his dick.

Video above: Kyler Ash tied up, tiggled, blown and then tormented. Watch the rest here.
It sounds like, ahem, torture. Why do men enjoy it?

Dude, it’s not all about them. Yes, this is the chance for a man to give up his power to someone else, but equally it’s the chance for YOU to have power over him.

“I have a fantasy where I tie up a guy and make him edge, but order him not to shoot. After I force him to cum against his will, I punish him by stroking his extra sensitive cock afterwards.”

The main attraction of post orgasm torture is always going to be the power play- what once was a strong, proud man has been reduced to begging his partner to stop toying with his penis. He’ll do anything for it to stop. Just. Let. It. Stop.

That’s an incredible rush, to have that power over someone. A temporary and perfectly harmless power. You’re not going to break his cock by over-stimulating it, so there’s no harm done, and the man under your thumb might just enjoy the new-found sense of vulnerability, sexual domination and loss of control over his own body.

Video above: Straight stud touched by guy for first time, and has his sensitive cockhead tormented and polished. Watch the rest here.
OK, I’m sold. Show me hot men getting tormented.

Great! You’re certainly not alone in being curious about this whole thing. Here’s some quick links to get you started:

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Video above: Cocky punk Trevor Spade relentlessly edged for a bout of post-orgasm torment. Watch the rest here.
So, yeah, that was hot. I HAVE to try it myself.

Now, if you’re looking to give your partners dick the kind of polishing that isn’t covered in the owners manual, I’d recommend getting his permission first. It’s an intense experience that will instantly sour the mood of any unwilling man. After all, having your most prized possession tortured after a mind-blowing orgasm is no laughing matter.

“It really turned me on to see him squirm and suddenly get pain from his dick.”

Restraining your partner so that he can’t escape or push you away certainly ramps the fun up a notch, and might be vital if you’re both serious about seeing it through to the bitter-sweet end. Because he’s going to want you to stop. He’s going to try and make you stop. But he was brave/horny/crazy enough to ask for this, and now he’s going to have to deal with the consequences.

Seeing a bout of post orgasm torture through to the end isn’t for the light-hearted. The punishment of his cock isn’t a reality in his head until it’s a reality of unbearable stimulation of his glans. You’ll have to remain strong throughout his whining and pleading.

You’re both in it to the end- which is either a slow winding down of sensation, or an attempt to peak the crest of a second (or even third) ball-emptying orgasm!

Video above: German hunk Alexander Gustavo suspended, edged and post-orgasm tortured. Watch the rest here.

8 responses to “So what’s the deal with post orgasm torture?”

  1. Mark Edward Sule says:

    WOW! This is amazing sexual literature.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know what the source is for the first gif on the right? That shit is hot.

  3. darren says:

    I love this done to me – but yes being tied helps otherwise I would always back out.
    Have a few videos of me being milked for viewing if anyone would like – amateur but real.

  4. Oliver says:

    This is one of my fantasies. Though I’m scared I’ll want to back out half way through!

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