Guy wanks his HUGE dick naked on a moving public train

Wanking on a train. I’ve think we’ve all wanted to (hell, I have myself a few times, it’s quite thrilling to get away with), but even if we do we don’t get COMPLETELY NAKED while we’re at it. WOW. This guy has balls of steel to do what he does. But then again he’s also got one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen (Bel Ami’s Joel Birkin has another), and I suppose having that kind of meat overpowering your brain is enough to get you into all sorts of trouble…

I think his train of thought went a little like this- I’m horny, I’m on a quiet train, I’ll just have a quiet wank… Oh wait, I’ve got my phone with me, why don’t I record it too… Oh, this train’s actually pretty deserted, maybe I can take my shirt off while I’m at it… Oh fuck it, this feels great and naughty, I may as well drop my jeans too…

And then he’s pretty much naked, jerking on his huge cock (it must be ten inches at least, it takes his hand ten minutes to get from the bottom to the top on each stroke) on a moving train, in a fully public carriage. And then he cums- and that horrible clear mind we all get once we’ve blown our load appears- and he’s suddenly throwing on his shirt and trying to hide that monster cock in his jeans. Good luck with that dude!

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