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Ty Roderick is in a Las Vegas jail

Ty Roderick was recently sentenced to forty days in a Las Vegas jail for ‘a night of partying’… Whatever that might mean.

It isn’t that serious a sentence so I’m guessing it wasn’t too crazy a night (no dead hooker and a kilo of cocaine), but nonetheless what happens in Vegas definitely stays in Vegas, at least for forty nights, and the whole adventure of getting jailed can be a serious dent in anyone’s life plans.

Ty Roderick is in a Las Vegas jail

So some industrious fans of the power-top, who in a highlight of his porn career screwed the impossibly sexy Hayden Lorde in one of only three scenes the young stud ever made, have put together a GoFundMe page to help Ty get back on his feet once he’s out of jail.

So if you’re feeling generous, you can head over and drop some dollars into the cause. And then you may as well join me in closing your eyes and imagining all the glorious scenarios you could get up to when you’re locked up in a jail cell with Ty and his fat, veiny dick.

And because this is all anyone ever talks about when a man goes to jail: here’s a video of Ty having sex in a shower.

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