Two HUGE cum shots onto one smooth chest

If there’s a man in the room with a big uncut cock, and he’s jerking it, if you’re not going to offer up your ass or face for him to shoot his load over, I think your chest is the next best thing. Especially if you’re wanking your dick too, so you can shoot over yourself and mix up your loads like you’re making a love potion.

When the first guy shoots, his cum hits the other guy on his smooth chest, splatting hot white spunk all over his pale skin, which sets him off too: and another load appears, mixing with the first, creating a hot, creamy mess.

6 responses to “Two HUGE cum shots onto one smooth chest”

  1. Cum junkie says:

    Just jacked off and I shoot a nice load all over my chest and was thinking about watching you do the same thing

  2. Cum junkie says:

    I sure would love to cum for someone like that, I am so hard

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