Two twinks jerk uncut cocks, shoot SO MUCH cum on chest

Well, now we know for sure that it’s young guys that shoot the biggest loads because… because… WOW. These two young studs must have emptied an entire weeks worth of cum in this video. And guy am I glad they recorded the whole explosion for us to see. 

I love watching the look of concentration on the guy who’s jerking himself and his friend off at the same time- he can’t take his eyes off the camera man’s cock, jerking the foreskin back and forth with anticipation, before it shoots a heavy load on his chest.

That sets him off too- and BLAM he starts shooting long , thick streams of white cum over himself. I thought for a moment it wasn’t going to stop. If he’d have been standing up I bet his first few shots would have gone at least five feet. Amazing. And SO HOT.

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