Three men jerk in stairwell- one shoots a MASSIVE load

Oh yeah- the wet, sticky sound of three men jerking their cocks, as pre-cum is flowing out of the end of their dicks because they’re so turned on by the scene. These three guys are jerking in a stairwell, could get caught at any minute, and are loving the thrill. showing off their dicks to each other, and getting ready to blow their loads onto the concrete floor.

When the first guy busts his nut he moans as white cum starts flowing out of his dick. This sets off another of the guys, whose cumshot is BIG. He keeps shooting thick ropes of spunk, splatting onto the floor, and it seems like it’s never going to stop. IT’S SO HOT. Especially hearing their soft moans as they’re trying to stay quiet, despite having some of the best orgasms of their lives.

The second guy cumming sets off the guy with the camera, and we only get to see a little of his cumshot because he’s still so into recording the second guy who’s STILL shooting!

Quite an amazing video really- seeing three guys shoot their loads with such perfect timing.

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