Thoughts on the rentboy review website Daddys reviews

By guest blogger Amy
Thoughts on the rentboy review website Daddys reviews

We hardly do anything without reading the reviews these days. So if it’s important enough to you to read the reviews before you spend $10 on a movie, it goes without saying that you’d be even more interested in not wasting $300 an hour on your friendly neighborhood escort.

Look no further, my sexually deviant adventurous friends. Daddy’s M4M Reviews has what you’re looking for. Go to and look for the cartoon man with the tool belt and hammer. Which is what you wear. When you escort? At least he’s manly-looking, and that’s what counts.

I don’t think this site is going to win any awards for ease of navigation, so I’ve perused through the hundreds of reviews that are offered and now offer you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Thoughts on the rentboy review website Daddys reviews

As for the good, I really wanted to direct you to Adam, who came highly recommended by east bay as “one who will treat you like family”, but unfortunately, he’s retired. There’s also a chance you wouldn’t want to spend $400 to get berated about what a disappointment you are over stale meatloaf and potato salad. Sorry, is that just my family?

So instead, I’ll recommend Michael #2 from New York City mostly because, well, he’s quite handsome and compact and has some really nice facial hair, but also because a good percentage of his clients were over 70 years old, and I think it takes a special man to find his way through the folds of wrinkles and still leave a man satisfied.

I have to give the elderly some credit, though, since they are not nearly as frail as those men who play bingo at the retirement center up the street. As this very detailed and graphic description of Michael’s services shows, he’s not pulling punches. Seriously, he’s not. He will literally punch you in the face while you happily hand over your life’s savings.

He quickly had me on my back kicking my balls, stepping on my cock and balls and chest. He alternated this with whipping my cock and balls, and chest and nipples. Than placing his feet on my face so I could worship them. He moved on to punching my chest and spitting on me and in my mouth.

The combination of pain and submission had me in ecstasy. All along the way, he paid attention to verbal and non-verbal cues to be sure he was giving me exactly what I wanted even providing me a safe word which we never used.

Thoughts on the rentboy review website Daddys reviews

So that’s nice. If I was searching for an escort and didn’t really care if I was rendered sterile, I’d definitely look him up. Unfortunately, they’re not always so nice. If you live in Los Angeles, I cannot make this more clear: DO NOT GO ANYWHERE WITH BO DEAN.

I mean, I get it. We all have been a fool for love a time or two in our pasts. Or at least we’ve been blinded by a massive chest and some heavily tattooed, unbelievably enormous arms, even while knowing in our hearts that the man looks like he’s spent some serious time in a federal penitentiary.

Who doesn’t love a bad guy?!? Poor ‘Burnsy’, that’s who. In a tale that honestly sounds like one of your most messed up nightmares, Bo asked if the mirrors in Burnsy’s undoubtedly lovely hotel room were 2 way (um, what?), spent some time setting up a new Gmail account since he’d gotten totally spammed on his last one (we’ve all been there, am I right?), and invited himself to dinner with a client who’d given up after he, you know, didn’t get sex out of the deal.

After a few hours of some charming banter, where Bo Dean said “his mouth smelled like piss” (swoon!), Burnsy, $120 poorer and now trapped in a car with an escort demanding $2500 for the privilege of his delightful company, JUMPED OUT OF THE CAR while Bo Dean was driving and ran the two miles back to the hotel.

That’s what Daddy’s M4M Reviews is all about, y’all. He’s basically a philanthropist, protecting us from the evils that befall us if we dare become hypnotized by some very attractive tattoos and tight white briefs.

Thoughts on the rentboy review website Daddys reviews

As for the ugly?

Well, they can’t all be stunners, but at least Bert comes highly recommended as a magnificent kisser, and he probably won’t make you get out of his car before he’s safely come to a complete stop.

One response to “Thoughts on the rentboy review website Daddys reviews”

  1. Kate says:

    You always make me laugh while still being so informative. I just can't fathom making the choice between elderly abuser, the rude and dangerous ex convict (though you will get exercise out of the deal running for your life), or the unfortunate looking gent at the end of the post who would likely worship you if you can stop gagging at his looks before you get to gagging on his cock…

    Difficult choices indeed.

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