Try licking a guy’s balls to get a thick cum facial…

If there’s one way to a man’s heart, it’s by licking his balls as he’s jerking off. Though there are plenty of other ways to his heart too- like letting him face fuck you, or taking his thick load onto your face when he wants to unload. The dude in this video has got the right idea because he lets his friend do all three, as he jerks his way to a big load.

When the guy holding the camera shoots, he dumps his creamy white load all over the cocksucker’s face, who actually looks a little wary that some might get in his eye- and who can blame him, there’s a lot of ball juice spurting out! Once the camera man is happy that he’s got all his cum onto his friends face, he moves the camera to himself and gives a ridiculous grin. It’s so damn endearing.

One response to “Try licking a guy’s balls to get a thick cum facial…”

  1. Supra2 says:

    Great I should be so luckly

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