The Touch Asylum- get sexually assaulted for Halloween

If there’s one thing you can guarantee about Halloween- the whole experience is going to leave your wallet a lot lighter. But, if you partake in this intriguing take on the Halloween experience you get to leave with your balls lighter of their load too- at least, that’s what the flyer implies.

The Touch Asylum- get sexually assaulted for Halloween

Check out ‘The Touch Asylum‘- a ‘one of a kind, twisted male for male scare experience’. It’s just like those horror-houses that pop up this time of year, where you go into a cold. dark space and experience a bunch of resentful college graduates half-heartedly trying to terrify the cojones off of you, via a combination of jump-scares, scream masksand verbal harrasment.

However, in this gay version of a haunted house you’re, of course, NAKED. Stripped of your clothes and confidence, surrounded by the grabbing hands of unknown horny gay men, who are caught between the desire to scare and/or get you off. Now, personally, it’s hard to imagine being able to maintain a boner whilst naked in a dark room expecting to be frightened half to death, but if you’re a more brave soul than myself maybe you’d like to try?

It’s based in New York City (of course) and there’s only one night left to experience it (October 30th), so get your skates on and your clothes off, and prepare to be terrifyingly turned on. Whomp.

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