The Black Spark Chapter One: Parks and Rec

The Black Spark has become a familiar presence on the gay porn grapevine over the last few years, having found popularity for his provocative art-haus porn productions that feature truly beautiful and muscular young men, who tend to tease us with their cocks and bodies more than they like to show, while enveloped in a dreamily lit landscape that throbs with the coolest tunes of his generation.

Yes, that sounds a little pretentious, but it all genuinely works, as hardcore porn straddles art and dumps a fresh load of cum all over its jaded face. The video below is one of his original releases, disseminated over the web and spread by word of mouth alone, and then just as quickly yanked off as he went on a deletion spree (there were rumours of lawsuits regarding the soundtracks he used but nothing ever came to light).

It’s a confident debut, featuring a toned young man with the obligatory big dick, wearing nothing but high-top sneakers and a creepy masquerade mask in a park in the middle of the night, jerking his tool and bending over to show off his hole, his hard muscular back bathed in the unflattering orange glow of the street lamps. The scene then cuts to the more traditional amateur visuals of a bedroom, with a cock jerking into an expectant mouth, a young man fucking a sex toy and then shooting his load, and the final parting shot of some truly incredible abs…

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