The basics of how to sound your cock

By guest blogger Master Sounder

So what is sounding, let’s start there. Sounding is basically inserting metal or rubber objects into your urethra in order to derive a different sensation than any other method of genital stimulation. If the sound is long enough, it can also stimulate your prostate from inside, similar to the sensation of anal sex but from the other side, so to speak. It’s weird, it’s scary, and it can be dangerous if not don’t properly and with care, so I’m going to go over a few of the basic tenets…

The basics of how to sound your cock

1.) Clean your Sounds.

Probably the biggest issue with sounding is cleanliness. There is a very real chance of giving yourself a UTI or Urinary Track Infection. These are not pleasant. I’ve successfully avoided this outcome because I take great care to clean my sounds before and after use, every time. Also always remember to wash your hands.

It’s actually pretty easy if you stainless steel sounds as opposed to rubber or latex ones. Steel is naturally less porous, which makes it more difficult for the offending bacteria to stick to it, the way I clean my sounds is to wipe them down with individually wrapped antibacterial wipes. I’ll also wipe off the tip of my dick just for added cleanliness. The ones I use are available here.

But generally any wipe that has an antibacterial like benzalkonium chloride and some alcohol will do.

The basics of how to sound your cock

2.) Abundantly Lubricate.

Sticking things down your pee-hole isn’t exactly what it was designed for, in fact it’s designed to expel things, not take them in. So in order to compensate we need to lubricate, and lubricate well. To this end you want a bacteriostatic, water based lubricant. Bacteriostatic means sterile, its a clean lube that won’t carry any bacteria up there. You can get some here.

Now as to how to apply the lubricant there are two different methods I’ve used and had success with. The first is to simply apply ample amounts to the tip of your dick and to the sound you’re going to insert. The second is to load up a sterile syringe and directly inject it into your urethra. The downside of the second method is that it requires sterile, 5ml syringes(and to be clear here these do not have needles attached).

The upside is that if you’re new to sounding or have a tighter urethra (some guys do) this will ensure proper lubrication over the first method.

The basics of how to sound your cock

3.) Take it easy.

Sounding isn’t for everyone, some folks have a morbid fear of things going into their pee-hole, some guys have tight urethras that simply won’t allow penetration without some discomfort. I’ve seen other guys take relatively thick sounds on their first go and thoroughly enjoy themselves. When you start it’s important to gauge up and to listen to your body. Does this feel good? Does it hurt? If it hurts don’t push it, use a smaller sound, and more lube. Also notice the natural curve of your dick, if the sound is a straight-metal object it may cause stress on the interior lining of your urethra, so you can bend the sound or bend your cock, either way the aim is to alleviate any discomfort. Also it helps to pee after you finish playing with your sounds, this cleans out your urethra and resets it back to its normal, biological pH. Sometimes this can sting or burn, and that’s normal.

The basics of how to sound your cock

4.) Warning Signs.

There are some things you should watch out for which may indicate a problem. The first is that if you pee after sounding and there’s blood in your urine, that indicates you were too rough on yourself and should wait at least a few days if not a week before making another attempt. Take it Easy!

If you find gooey, white/yellowish discharge being slowly expelled during working hours that likely means you gave yourself a UTI. See a doctor. These are easily treated with antibiotics but can be mentally disturbing as well as physically uncomfortable. If this happens you should also to take care not to play with anyone else while you’re still symptomatic less you could transmit the infection to them. Clean your sounds!

Once you get comfortable with sounding you can use really long ones that will rub up against your prostate, and that feels really good. You can also use shorter thicker ones to enhance pleasure while jerking off. Sounding itself isn’t exactly a romantic activity, it’s more of a kinky playful thing, but I’m sure if you get creative enough you can come up with all sorts of ways to have fun with it.

Here’s some links to where to get sounding equipment:

Rosebud Style Sounds(Prostate stimulation)

Curved Dilator Sounds(to stretch a tight urethra)

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