Erotic Story: Sucking off a straight teenage gym stud

By SykQuinn

I am a 42 year old gay man who lives a very straight lifestyle. I live in Brooklyn and work out in a straight Brooklyn gym in a neighborhood of Italians, Irish and some Puerto Ricans. My story is about me and an eighteen year old straight Puerto Rican guy named Javier, who recently joined my gym.

Javier and his work out buddies are usually all ready on the gym floor when I arrive after work. I enjoy watching these young guys lift weights and joke around with each other. And I love to watch them pose in the mirrors to admire their newly developing muscles and to show off for the young ladies. Whether they know it or not, they are also showing off for me.

There are many hot looking guys, but I cannot take my eyes off of this Puerto Rican kid. I know that he recently turned eighteen because I over heard him being wished a happy birthday by one of the female instructors last month. He seems to enjoy flirting with her, even though she is at least ten years older than him. He is tall and lean with a smooth upper body that I have observed glimpses of as he works out in his loose fitting tank top. I have also seen him undressing in the locker room for a shower. His thick cut dick hangs low, and I love to watch it swing against his hairless teenage thighs.

He has a very handsome young face and is always laughing and joking. Javier has a baby face with a slight hint of a mustache forming on his upper lip. He is so fucking cute. He dyes his hair blonde and cuts it very short. He has an aura about him that really turns me on. I jerk off at night thinking about sucking his long pretty cock. My fantasies came true last Monday night.

I have a casual relationship with Javier as we usually say hi to each other. Last Monday, Javier was working out alone and I asked him where his friends were. He told me that they were playing basketball, but he didn’t want to miss his workout. He said that he was taking work out supplements, and asked me if it looked like he was getting bigger. (I was thinking about the bulge in his sweat pants, but I knew that he was talking about his body getting bigger.) He flexed his biceps for me and I wanted to sink down to my knees and kiss the bulge in his pants.

However, I kept it together and told him that his work outs were coming along great. He asked me if I needed a spot while I was bench pressing. I said, sure, and he straddled the bench over my head, ready to help me give an extra pull on the weights, if needed. I was in heaven. I could hardly concentrate on lifting. I looked up and saw him grinning and encouraging me to lift as he does with his young buddies. I could see the bulge of his dick in his sweatpants.

I gazed further up his body and could see sweat dripping from his neck down his hairless chest in his loose fitting tank top. I could see the dark hair in his armpits, as he reached to help me with my last set. I could smell his scent and I was feeling very light headed and my dick was beginning to stir in my shorts. We then switched positions as I spotted for him. I stared down at his hard sweaty young bod and was mesmerized by the sight of this teen aged God laying prone on the bench in front of me. Man, did I want that guy bad.

Little did I know that I would have my dream come true that night. We finished our work outs at the same time. I did not shower at the gym that night and neither did he. We left the gym and walked into the parking lot talking to each other as we said goodnight at the desk. As we walked into the night air together, Javier looked and me and grinned.

“If Robby was here now,” he said speaking of his usual workout buddy, “we would be lighting up right now.” As I was approaching my car, I mentioned that if he wanted to smoke weed, I had some stashed in the car. He asked me if I could give him a lift to the bus stop and share a few hits with him. I gladly opened the passenger side and invited him into the car.

I asked him where he lived, and told him that it was on my way and I could drive him all the way home. He said thanks and grinned at me. As we drove a block away from the gym, I reached into the glove compartment to get a joint for us to smoke. My hand accidentally brushed against his thigh, and I said I’m sorry. He did not comment, but did kind of grin again. He sat back and spread his long legs apart in the passenger seat, and asked if he could play the radio, while we smoked. I thought to myself, you can do anything that you want but I simply told him okay.

He put on K-Rock and turned the volume up way too high for my taste, but I was allowing him to have some fun. He began singing with the songs and kind of dancing and gyrating in his seat, in between sharing hits off the joint. I was getting very high from the smoke. And I was getting excited at the thought of having this straight fantasy teen alone in my car getting high and hopefully horny enough for me to be able to make a move. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Javier and I knew that he could tell that I was checking him out. I felt that Javier knew the score. But I didn’t have to make a move as Javier broke the silence as I heard him over the radio. “Are you a faggot?”

I thought I heard wrong and asked him what he had just said. “Are you a faggot?”, he asked again.

He was grinning that guyish mischievous way of his, but he was dead serious. I had to respond. “I don’t consider myself a faggot,” I said. “But I am a gay man.”

He laughed out loud and said, “Damn it. I thought you were always checking me out.” “What do you like to do with other fags? Take dick up the ass?”, he laughed.

He was so charming that I did not feel threatened in any way by his question, and decided that the truth might work to my advantage.

“Actually,” I said. “I prefer to take it down my throat!”.

“No shit!”, he replied.

He then grabbed his crotch laughing and said, “I have eight inches. Hungry?” He was treating it lightly, but I had to find out if he was serious. I said, “Yes!”

Javier raised his eyebrows and looked at me like I was crazy, but then a big grin spread over his face, as he said, “Dude. I am not the least bit gay, but it would be wild to let you blow me in the car. I always wondered what it would feel like to have a dude suck my dick.” He spread his legs as he stretched his arms back. He saw me watching his every move.

I told him that my apartment was only five minutes away and we could get a lot more comfortable than in my car. He shook his head and said, “No dude. That’s not me. I don’t want to be seen in public going into some fags apartment.” I could not persuade him to come inside, and instead I followed his directions to a private place for me to suck him . He sort of took over and told me what to do. That’s the way I like it. I like being in the control of a young straight stud. He told me what to do.

We parked in a deserted area near a park and athletic field. He told me on the way that he had parked in this area with girls, and no body would bother us. I turned the car off and looked at Miguel. He was looking straight ahead and his right hand was on his crotch. He was rubbing himself and I could see the bulge getting bigger in the shadows from the street light nearby. He then pulled my hand into his crotch, and said, “Have a party, faggot.”

He found the lever to lower his seat back and laid back with my hands rubbing his crotch. His cock was surprisingly thick and hard, and I realized that he had gotten hard while I was driving, in anticipation of the coming blow job. I opened the string on his sweat pants and lowered them as he lifted his ass off the seat. He still had colorful plaid boxer shorts on and his hard cock was peeking through the piss hole. I bent my head down and took the head of his cock into my mouth through his underwear. He moaned and pushed me off.

“You are an anxious cocksucker, aint you,” he said as he held my head away. He continued, “Pull my underwear down with your teeth.” He was grinning again. He liked to tell me what to do, and I enjoyed following his orders. I struggled to get the boxer’s down over his hard cock, but got to lick his belly and the firm ass cheeks as I moved all around this teen aged God, trying to lower his shorts. Finally, he just pulled them down to his knees and said, “Suck it. Faggot!”

I closed my mouth over Javier’s hard cock. It was not as large as I had expected, but it was a rock hard six inch straight teen dick, and I loved it. I was into the smell of his sweaty cock and balls, as I remembered that he had just worked out and his crotch was still moist and fragrant with teen sweat. I then sucked his cock down my throat till his black pubic bush was right against my nose. He then grabbed the back of my head and thrust his cock down my throat. I began to gag. This amused him as he thrust harder and said with a smirk.

“What’s the matter. Is this cock too big for ya?” He then pulled out and began to smack my face with his hard wet cock. I wagged my tongue and tried to lick the leaking juices off his big hardon, but he kept teasing me, by avoiding my mouth, as he slapped it across my face.

He then said. “Enough fucking around. I’m ready to dump a load, faggot. And you are going to swallow it?”. Instead of answering, I once again swallowed the hard teen dick all the way down to the root. I was slurping and grunting as I sucked him off. He was bucking his ass up at my face. He started to moan, and I could hear him cursing in a low chant, “Cocksucker! Suck me, Suck me, I’m going to cum! It’s cummming! Take it! Eat me. You fagggoottt!!!!

He was again holding my head down as he shot off down my throat. He held my head down as the juice exploded in my mouth. His violent orgasm lasted for a few moments as he started to breathe easier, and let go of my head. I continued to suck the juice off his now softening cock, I could taste his cum and licked my lips to taste what I could.

Javier then sat up and told me to move my head. He pulled up his pants and told me to drive him home. He again played the radio loud and only spoke to give me directions as to where to drop him off. He got out of the car and went on his way. I have seen him since at the gym and he seems to avoid me, but I have hopes for a repeat performance, and maybe one day I can do Javier and his hot workout buddy, Robby, too!

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