Stunning young man in sports socks shows off abs

Jerk off videos don’t get more perfect than this- a big dicked young man, leaning back to show off his abs and smooth chest, jerking on that rock-hard cock and wearing nothing more than a pair of sports socks and a cocky grin. We can only see see his chiseled chin and soft lips most of the time so have to take our cues from watching his body tense in pleasure as he massages the head of his dick- and lifts his hand to his mouth to taste his own pre-cum. Kinky.

I could sit and watch him jerk off for hours, but we all know it has to come sooner or later- yup, he works his dick to the point of no return and shoots his hot, white load over his abs… and even into his open mouth! And there his cum sits, dripping off of his bottom lip in a way that makes me want to just lean in and suck it off. And then, as he’s a man after my own heart and doesn’t like to waste any cum, he scoops it all up on his fingers and feeds it to himself. Dude, fucking marry me already!

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