Erotic story: Straight Lines and Straight Guys part 2

By Jaime

Check out part one here.

Ever since last Monday, all I could think about Aiden. I looked for his face and his all-too-familiar white chucks, but he was nowhere to be found. I didn’t even know what his major was. I didn’t know where to look for him. He had to be in class today, though. After all it was only the second class of the semester and he couldn’t start ditching class this soon.

I made an effort to show up to class early and sit down next to the spot where he sat last week. Much to my delight, everyone more or less sat in the same spots as last week, which left an empty seat between me and the next person for Aiden to sit in.

Just like last week, Aiden came in a few minutes late, but with the swagger of a millionaire. His pants and his backpack both drooped low, but he had his head high and his shoulders back and his legs extended forward and outward as he took slow deliberate steps toward our table. The thought of him sitting next to me was making me get hard, and today I was wearing black gym shorts so if I didn’t keep my backpack on my lap he would know right away. Then again, maybe I should let him see…

Aiden started to turn to head down the row of tables, but as soon as he saw me his face went pale. He headed to the final row of tables and sat all the way the end. What the hell? Why would Aiden be scared to sit next to me? It’s not like I’m going to try to get him to whip his cock out while there’s people sitting next to us (Although that would be hot as fuck).

Or is he afraid I’ll talk about our encounter in front of everyone and out him? He should know better than to think that from me. Then again, I remind myself, we haven’t ever really had a conversation where his cock wasn’t in my mouth. I sighed heavily, knowing my plan to become friends with him might not be as easy as expected.

After class he lingered at the back of the classroom, so I went to talk to our professor in order to kill some time and wait for him to leave the room so I could catch him in the hallway. As soon as I pulled out my math book and asked Professor Vidy to explain a problem, Aiden grabbed his backpack and jetted out the classroom. Fuck!

I pretended to completely comprehend the problem as she explained to me so I could leave as soon as possible in hopes of finding Aiden. I looked both ways down the hallway, but I couldn’t see him. Damn it, I had been rock hard all day just thinking about sucking him off in the bathroom again.

My balls were full of hot cum that needed to be squirted but only while Aiden’s giant cock was in busting in my mouth. I decided that the best closest thing I was going to get to that would be to stroke one out in the stall where I sucked him off a week ago. I sighed and decided to settle for that.

I made my way to the bathroom at the end of the hall but froze as soon as I got to the urinals. There was a guy taking a piss at the first urinal in the corner, cradled between the two tile walls. It was none other than Aiden himself. I don’t think he heard me come in yet. The bathroom was completely silent. At first I thought about leaving since he clearly was trying to avoid me…but if he was trying to avoid me why would he come back to the scene of the crime? If he was feeling guilty about what he did last week, why come right back?

In another very unlike-me manner, I walked up to the urinal right next to him and pulled out my cock.

He sighed when he realized that it was me, but he didn’t walk away. He just stood there in silence without really looking at me, his long fat cock resting out of his jeans. Not even taking a second glance at my rock hard cock and balls as they stuck out of my gym shorts. This seven inch, thick, uncut cock was quite the looker. I would think he might at least be curious about it. He just looked straight ahead.

That’s when I noticed how quiet it was. Eerily quiet for a bathroom. He wasn’t pissing. He was just standing there with his cock out. That’s when I realized he was there waiting for me, his cock out and everything. How he knew I would come here, I don’t know. But at this point I didn’t care.

I just wanted to reach over and grab that cock and make it get heard like I did last week. I didn’t want to continue without his permission, though. I just needed him to give me a sign letting me know he wasn’t completely overridden with the guilt of wanting his giant cock engulfed by the warm, wet mouth of a cocksucker who also had a cock himself.

We stood there in silence with our cocks out for a minute, and nothing happened. I decided to make a subtle pass and see how he reacted. I let go of my cock with my right hand and moved it slowly over closer to him. I stopped a few inches from grabbing his cock, but when I did, he took a step to the side and basically placed his cock in my hand. That was all I needed. He wanted me to service him again, there’s no doubt about it now. His guilt would soon become drowned out by the feelings of pleasure I could give him.

I started to touch his cock and balls, softly caressing them so that the blood could start flowing. Without fail, my touch got his juices flowing and he started to stiffen. Once he was hard enough to grab a fistful, I squeezed his cock as I pulled his skin back. He let out a moan that made my cock jump with pleasure. I started to stroke him softly until I felt him get as hard as he could.

That’s when I spit on my hand and placed it back on his hot cock and started stroking him faster. His moans started escaping his lips even though I could tell he was trying his best not to. He looked like he was enjoying it, but something was plaguing his beautiful face.

Suddenly he grabbed my arm and pushed me aside. Shocked, I hit my hip on one of the urinals. He put his wet cock back inside his pants and put his head in his hands over his face.

“Dude, are you okay?” I asked him as I put my own hard cock and aching balls away.

“No, I’m not okay, dude! This…this is so fucked up,” he said running his hands through his short hair. His eyes were bloodshot.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, trying to pinpoint specifically what he was trying to say.

“This!” he said pointing at the giant bulge where his cock was pushing his jeans, “You shouldn’t be able to cause this. You’re a guy. I’m not gay, I can’t get hard from dudes.”

Aiden was having a breakdown over his sexuality in a public restroom at our college, both of us with raging boners in our pants. Probably not the best place to handle something like this, and with all of the blood in my body seeming to be in my cock, I didn’t feel like I could offer much help.

“Yet, I did,” I said. Fuck, that probably wasn’t the right thing to say.

Aiden looked horrified and immediately ran out of the bathroom. I wanted to run after him, but my boner was still causing a seven-inch-long tent in my shorts so I had to take it out and tuck it in my waistband before I could leave the bathroom. I ran in the only direction he could go from here, then decided to run out the east exit and down the grand stairs. I spotted him running toward the parking complex and I ran after him. Now, I’m not the most athletic person, but when I’m determined I can get quite agile. I caught up to him right as he was about to put the key in the door.

“Leave me alone, Fitz,” he shouted at me. The loud sound of his deep voice mad me take a tentative step back. Then I realized that was the first time he had ever said my name. I won’t lie, it made my heart skip a beat.

“Just talk to me, Aiden,” I said, calling him by his name and dropping the masculine facade with the dude’ and the bro’s.

“I don’t have anything to talk about, this is fucked up. I don’t know what I was thinking. It was just a one- time thing,” he said, stuttering nervously. He was trying to turn the key to unlock the door, but his hands were shaking so badly he couldn’t manage. I’d never seen him this fragile. He always had such an air of masculine confidence, but the person before me right now was a scared guy. It was endearing.

I put my hand on the key, making contact with his hand. He immediately froze. I turned the key for him and he started to breathe again. I let him get inside the car, but left the door open so I could talk to him.

“Listen, I know it’s a bit scary to find out you’re not as straight as an arrow. But trust me, there’s nothing wrong with that. I get why you’re nervous, but I’m not going to tell anyone if you don’t want me to. So if this is going to stay between us, there’s no need to be scared. It’s all in your head, Aiden,” I said sweetly, in a soothing tone. The words seem to click in his brain and he seemed to calm down a little.

“I heard footsteps earlier, when we were in the bathroom. We could have gotten caught out there. You shouldn’t have just grabbed my dick out in public like that,” Aiden said, regaining a bit of authority in his voice.

“I’m sorry, I thought that’s what you wanted,” I said, admitting the blame even though I knew he was the one that gave me the green light to grab his cock.

“It is…I just…I can’t have anyone finding out. I don’t even know if I like what we did last week,” Aiden said nervously.

“You sure seemed to like it,” I thought to myself.

“Okay, I get that. No need to put your experimentation out for the public to pull apart. But that doesn’t mean you should stop,” I said coaxingly. I wasn’t just trying to get him to let me blow him, I genuinely meant it.

“So what are you saying?” Aiden asked, his big brown eyes full of curiosity.

“I’m saying, why don’t you come to my place and we get started on that math homework,” I said, letting a small grin play on my lips.

“We’re not really gonna do homework, are we?” Aiden asked, a flirty smile on his face. His swagger was back, I could see it in his eyes. It made my cock start to harden immediately.

Once we got back to my place, I locked the door and shut the blinds as I told him to take a seat on the couch. I turned the TV on and switched it to some gay porn channel where a hot black guy with a giant cock was getting fucked by a slender yet built Latino guy.

I stripped off my shirt and pushed my shorts down, letting my poor blue balls breathe.

“Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?” Aiden asked looking away quickly.

“Oh, come on. It’s an ass and some junk. You have some, don’t act like it’s something brand new,” I said teasing him. I bent over so he could get a good look at my juicy bubble butt.

“I’m used to seeing my own, not someone else’s,” he said, taking a peek at my ass.

“If it bothers you that much then close your eyes. But you’ll be missing half the show,” I said winking at him. He seemed to relax a bit, remembering that the door was locked and the blinds were shut. There was no one here besides us two.

He seemed to think about something, but shook it off quickly. I sat next to him and started to run my hand up the inside of his thighs, stopping just shy of his shaft. I started to kiss his neck, making him let out a stifled moan. After a few minutes of heavy petting and me sucking on his neck he seemed to realize that we were really alone and he allowed his moans to get louder and louder. I decided to start making my way down.

I unbuttoned the second button on his shirt, and started to slowly kiss down his chest, in between his defined pecs, allowing my tongue to lick them softly before my lips sucked on the skin. I could tell by the growing bulge in pants that he liked that, so I decided to take a leap of faith and sit on his lap, facing him. My bare ass on the denim bulge he was packing.

I felt him tense up for a second before I continued sucking on his neck and chest. I unbuttoned the rest of his buttons and took his shirt off slowly. When it finally came off I pressed my body against his, feeling his defined pecs and abs against my own body, the rippled skin against my own. His immense body heat radiating against torso was so fucking hot. He was much bigger than I was and it felt so good to be on top of him.

I started kissing his defined pecs, and when I had teased him enough I finally licked his left nipple softly. I felt a ripple immediately travel through his body. His nipples were extremely sensitive, as I had expected. I started to lick his hard nipple softly and heard his soft moans. He was loving it. I started to put the nipple between my lips and sucking on it soft, then hard, then licking it again.

He was moaning so loud at this point I was worried my neighbors would hear. I switched to his other nipple and it was like I had started all over again, moaning soft at first, and then loud. I felt his fat cock head trying to burst through his jeans and poking my asshole.

I licked my entire way down to his waistband, allowing myself to feel the soft ridges of his abs. When I finally made it down, he anxiously helped me take off his pants and black boxers in one swift movement and his giant cock sprang up, slapping him just shy of the pec. Fuck, this thing is huge. My body immediately went into autopilot and I started to blow him with a lust and furor I hadn’t experienced in a long time. I was going crazy on his cock, and his satisfied moans only egged me on to keep going, to suck harder, to lick faster, and to push the cock head up against my throat.

His cock slipped out of my mouth and let myself lick all the way down to his hair balls. They smelled of his sweat, the sexiest smell I had ever smelled. I took one of his balls into my mouth and licked it softly as I sucked. He moaned out loud, letting me know that he liked what I was doing. He started to stroke his cock as I serviced his balls, full of that cum that I wanted to taste. This time he would come entirely in my mouth, I wanted to taste all of it.

I made my way back up to his cock and started to suck it fervently. He started to run his hands through my hair as I kept going wild on his cock. I felt him start to caress my neck and shoulders, nothing how good his soft, manly hands, felt on my body. I don’t think he’s even aware he’s doing it, but I’m glad he is.

I reached up with one hand and started to play with one of his nipples, and I could tell this was really taking him over the edge because he started panting. I let his entire cock slide into my throat, it got lodged up there for a second but I kept pushing down as I heard his shocked moan. His entire cock was in my throat. I made swallowing motions with my throat, massaging the head of his cock with my inner body, rubbing his nipple, and looking up at his gorgeous sculpted arms, pecs, sexy abs, short stubble, his mouth agape, as yet another moan escaped it. Fuck this guy was beautiful.

I felt his cock stiffen inside my throat and I prepared to take his load. Just then, he surprised me and pulled me back by my hair, letting his cock slide out of my throat quickly. He took it into his own hand and stroked off a few times before he began to shoot his thick, gooey cum all over my face, neck, and chest. Stream after stream of the hot gooey liquid landed on my eye, forehead, lips, cheeks, my hair, my neck, my nipples. Everywhere. His hot man juice was everywhere and it made me so fucking hard!

I took his cock into my own hands and squeezed out whatever cum was left in there, then started to stroke off with it. Using his warm cum as lube for my own pleasure made me cum within a minute. I quickly squirted all over myself and even got some on his thighs, over the thin layer of dark hair. I was panting so hard at this point I was starting to see black spots in my vision. This was the hottest fucking load I had ever gotten and ever blown!!

Aiden was looking down at me, the lust still present in his eyes. I took advantage of this and started to kiss the inside of his thighs until I found the puddles of cum I had gotten on him and licked them off of his tight thighs.

“You like cum that much, huh?” he asked, a dirty grin on his lips. I nodded. He got up and grabbed me by the hair again. He rubbed his still semi-hard cock all over the puddles of his cum on my face, getting his stick nice and full of his warm cum before sticking it in my mouth. I sucked it completely dry, swallowing every last drop of cum he picked up and place in my mouth. He did it again until he had gotten a majority of his cum off of me and I had a stomach full of his hefty load.

I was completely spent, so I laid on the couch next to where he was sitting earlier, thinking about the pleasure I had just experienced. Aiden quickly started to get dressed, but I had no energy to tell him he could stay. He was gone before the cum on my cock had dried.

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