Straight Fleshjack jerker moans & shoots A LOT OF CUM

I have a thing for watching straight guy jerk off videos- hearing their deep, masculine moans as they’re about to blow, watching their white loads shoot across their clenching stomachs, knowing that they’re intending their girlfriend or random woman on the internet to watch this video but really it’s us gay guys getting off to his most private moment.

This hot session involves a guy jerking his super-hard cock with a pussy-shaped Fleshjack. He’s got sexy hairy legs and big biceps, so you can tell he’s got a great body, and his dick is red, hard and juicy from what looks like an extended edging session.

He moans at once, because he’s about to shoot his load straight away in this video. He pulls off the Fleshjack, showing us his long dick, and then BLAM he starts spraying cum EVERYWHERE. Like, I’m serious, it goes over his arm, chest, camera, carpet… I bet it even hit his face. I wonder if he got a taste.

Oops. The thought of a straight guy accidentally shooting thick cum into his own mouth just sent me off in a spiral. Wish me luck, I’m going to try and shoot as far as he did this time!

One response to “Straight Fleshjack jerker moans & shoots A LOT OF CUM”

  1. Josh says:

    Loved it! Very hot!

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