Southern Strokes Ryan sucks off six packed Kirk Southern Strokes Ryan sucks off six packed Kirk Southern Strokes 2013-07-08T22:25:51-04:00 Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes Ryan sucks off six packed Kirk

Southern Strokes Ryan sucks off six packed Kirk

Southern Strokes has brought us a scene that’s a little like watching Harry Potter sucking off a Slytherin stud with rippling, but obviously evil, six pack abs. It’s isn’t just that the dick sucker of the scene (Ryan) looks like a pale, English bespectacled wizard, but the pair of them also appear to be performing on a table taken from the Great Hall, and with a model of a sailing ship behind them. A magical sailing ship obviously. Perhaps is was an inside joke about all the semen about to get spilt? (get it?!)

OK, so jokes aside, Kirk is a bit of a hot beast. He’s got a hell of a body on him; lean, smooth, a little bit ripped in the right places and with a very suckable dick standing proud down south. Harry Ryan is visibly impressed with Kirk’s appearance and wastes no time undressing him to get to his hardening meat. After giving Kirk an enthusiastic blowjob stretched across the bench he’s eager for a little less control and a little more face rape, so Kirk climbs off and Ryan hangs his head across the side of the table to encourage a ‘deep throat’ experience.

Kirk wastes no time working his dick back into Harry’s mouth (sorry, it just feels more appropriate) and before you can say Quidditch he’s about to bust his load- and he knows exactly where his spunk should go. Harry gets a load spread across his lips and chin. He doesn’t look especially pleased about it, but who cares really? Suck it up bitch, you’re the cock sucker here and don’t forget it!

But I have to get back to the decor- where did they find that sail ship model and.. why? I’m all for inventive background furnishings, but it’s very distracting getting the urge to hum ‘Sail Away‘ when you’re watching a cock getting a good tongue lashing.

6 responses to “Southern Strokes Ryan sucks off six packed Kirk”

  1. I'm thinking more passive aggressive.

  2. Amy says:

    Because you haven't asked me to, so I do it in your comments. Obnoxious, right?

  3. Nick says:

    Why aren't you writing for my blog?

  4. Amy says:

    Right?!? Sadly, I do not think this job exists. Apparently the porn gods think we're too distracted by the beautiful men to notice the background looks like a poor replica of a southern plantation from 1970. Or whatever. They would be wrong. I can multitask my criticism.

  5. Nick says:

    Why wait until your next life? Start applying for this job now!!!

  6. Amy says:

    Harry would SO not suck off a Slytherin! Though I do think he's eaten more than one Ravenclaw ass. Those nerds are sluts. In my next life, I want to be the preeminent porn scene set designer. I'd do a little redesign 911 — maybe a HUGE sailboat bigger than boys put together is not necessary. Unless we cut a hole through the sail and. . .seriously, I'm so good at that job.

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