Ripped young jock jerks in office & there’s SO MUCH CUM!

Have you ever jerked off, shot your load and been amazed at the amount that came out your balls? It’s like a small flood of hot, white spunk emptied out of you and you’ve no idea where it all came from. Well, that’s just a normal day for this muscular jock, who whips out his super-hard cock and starts jerking to the camera he placed on the floor- giving us the perfect view of his furry balls, dick and ass crack.

After some moments jerking the fireworks begin- and boy does this guy shoot a big load. It just keeps coming- ropes upon heavy ropes of white spunk shoot out the end of his dick, dripping towards the camera, making me involuntary open my mouth in the hope I can catch a few drops of the delicious salty goodness…

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