Ripped married man fucks a guy in jockstrap

Well if you’re going to cheat on your husband/wife, you might as well do it with a smooth hot bottom in a jockstrap, right? This super ripped and handsome (you can just tell by the flash of mouth and facial hair at one point, trust me) guy wearing a wedding ring dude is loving fucking his friend up the ass, and we can all keep his secret, right?!

I love the way the top holds onto the bottom’s jockstrap so he can pull him back onto his thrusts, and the way both of them get louder and louder in their moans as the top is approaching orgasm. When he’s about to cum he says ‘I’m about to shoot’ the bottom tells him to ‘give it to me baby!’. The magic words every man wants to hear!

And a thank you, the top slaps the bottom on the ass hard after he’s dumped his load. Nice!

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