DVD Review: Bel Ami’s Tough & Tender

By guest blogger Amy

Gino Mosca is an Angel from Heaven, if Angels liked Bondage and Rim Jobs.

Our friends at Bel Ami have outdone themselves with their recent release, Tough & Tender. The concept here is that while, in fact, the Bel Ami models tend to be freakishly perfect physical specimens, they have a tough side as well. This is further emphasized by the cover, showing the aftermath of an obviously rigorous boxing match between Jack Harrer and Jim Kerouac, which has left them dirty, sweaty, and, inexplicably, with their intensely erect dicks out.

I don’t know a lot about the sport, so I’m willing to buy into the idea that in between punching each other in the face enough to produce those realistically ugly-looking bruises, their boxing diapers fell down and their intense arousal for each other was exposed.

Boxing diapers, you ask? In the first of three scenes of this DVD, we watch Jack and Jim in a photo shoot, dressed in what can only be described as diapers. I wondered if maybe I hadn’t noticed the change of official boxing attire by the World Boxing Association, so I Googled it.

Apparently boxing diapers are only appropriate for babies, and their enormous heads and therefore disproportionate centers of gravity make them crap boxers. So the wardrobe was made up, but those two guys, with their perfect washboard abs and hairless, tan, every other body part made those diapers look good.

After the two bantered through an intensely erotic yet sporty photo shoot, they used those inexplicably exposed dicks to engage in sword fights, proving that while they may be posing as premier athletes, they are really just normal young guys with the maturity of 12 year old guys.

Keeping with that theme, they then sat next to each other and let off some tension, which I would’ve thought they worked out in the ring, by jerking off next to each other.

When they’d cleaned up a bit, the now diaper-less duo headed to the outside patio to finally get around to the sexual acrobatics we expect and love from the Bel Ami guys.

The thing about the patio that I found particularly impressive was that the decorator went a completely different direction than I would’ve expected for an outdoor space, including a large bed and night-stand instead of, I don’t know, some wicker chairs and a beer cooler. Luckily, the decorator had this foresight, because wicker chairs are notoriously bad pieces of furniture to fuck on.

At this point, the guys entered some sort of blow job and rimming contest, with Jim Kerouac ending as the loser simply because sucking on Jack’s baseball bat sized cock is just damn near impossible. Jim made up the points by fucking Jack in a awe-inspiring splits-like position that even the Russian judge would’ve begrudgingly given near perfect marks.

They both ended the session in an astounding display of their youth and virility by unloading huge loads of cum upon each other. And then they kissed, and they were sweet and beautiful, and I sighed and thought about how I could watch them forever.

Before I had a moment to mourn the loss of Jim and Jack, a new scene, featuring three tops and a visiting bottom, started right up. It went like this: three young men were roused from their sleep one morning with raging hard-ons and an appointment with Dario, who was to come over and offer up his ass for a hard pounding times three. Why they could not do this amongst themselves is not clear, though it is made abundantly clear that they are waiting for Dario, who, in a plot twist to end all plot twists, sends a replacement instead.

This guy — who I will now hereafter refer to as Not Dario, because, while Dario’s name was mentioned at least 30 times, I never heard mention of replacement guy’s name — did not have time to make himself at home. He asks for a shower, but instead is redirected to wash his face, at which point a dick is immediately shoved inside his unsuspecting hole without any regard as to whether he had soap in his eyes.

DVD Review: Bel Ami’s Tough & Tender

These three guys are on the tough side of Tough & Tender. One of the men I recognized as Paul Valary, who worked for Bel Ami several years ago and was never known for his finesse, but seems to have returned with the same fuck hard, fast, and sloppy style he was known for.

The other two guys I will refer to as Big D and Gary, because Big D had a really big dick and Gary had no real distinguishing features but seemed like a really nice guy. I wouldn’t have minded if they would’ve called each other by their names once or twice, but I can’t fault them for it, since they were extremely busy sticking their dicks into Not Dario every time he turned around.

At some point, there may have been some sort of hazing ritual going on with poor Paul Valery, since Not Dario was taunting him for what appeared to be sufficient technique from my point of view. After a while, Not Dario just abandoned Paul mid-fuck and the “Where are you going?” that followed seemed a little sad.

But they all recovered quickly with a fast and furious tag team pounding that resulted in drenching Not Dario’s hole in about 400 gallons of cum and made me wonder why they couldn’t carry out their sexual activities over some tile or a nice piece of linoleum rather than carpet. It seems like nice guy Gary would’ve at least thought to put a towel down.

The final scene returns us to Jack Harrer, who is tied to a bed by the cute as a button, if a button had the body of a god, Gino Mosca. Not only is he tied up, he’s blindfolded as well, so Gino takes advantage of the opportunity to do anything he desires to the bound Jack.

At this point, I really had a hard time concentrating on anything but Gino, who I simultaneously wanted to adopt and tie to my own bed. He licked and rimmed and blew Jack within an inch of his life, finally fucking him until he came hard.

Gino apparently sleeps like the dead, since the next morning he awoke to find himself tied to the bed himself and subject to Jack’s every whim and desire. Instead of letting Gino lie there as Jack had done the day before, though, Jack makes him work hard for the money, commanding him to give him a rim job, which involved a “pin your tongue on the ass-hole” game that seemed a bit unfair to the poor blindfolded Gino.

He manages to locate his target, though, and both guys end up satisfied and cum-drenched by the end of playtime. By the end, I’d wondered if Jack Harrer ever got the chance to top, or if the thought of having a cock the size of a tree trunk going up their ass scared off all his potential partners. It seemed Gino was up for the challenge, though, and shot a huge load in a token of appreciation.

This was a fun video with a lot of variety that is worth the purchase price just for the gorgeous image of naked boxers Jack and Jim on the front. There is a little romance and a lot of playfulness and also a really high DVD length time to money shot ratio. And it’s Bel Ami, which should be a no brainer for anyone who knows anything about porn.

So buy it and watch it and think about perfection and rainbows and world peace and delicious Mexican food, since watching the Bel Ami guys is as close to heaven as you’re likely to get.

You can get the DVD here, direct from Bel Ami.

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  1. Geoff Plus says:

    HAHA I love this review. It's hilarious. The Bel Ami boys are very sexy but they're also fun to make fun of….

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