Two guys cum on each other’s dicks in restaurant toilet

These two guys some super horny at a restaurant and couldn’t keep their hands out of their pants- so instead of a handy stairwell, they went to the bathroom and whacked both their dicks out. They jerk their own dicks, and play with each others, cupping balls and pulling back foreskins. They know they’re in danger of getting caught– and they don’t care!

When the first guy cums he shoots his watery load all over his friends dick, who then shoots his own thick cum. Well, more it just oozes out, he doesn’t have a very strong shooter. But that’s fine- I love cum no matter how hard it flies out of a dick. And I especially love watching two fresh loads mingle on a guys dark dick skin.

One response to “Two guys cum on each other’s dicks in restaurant toilet”

  1. Luke Tillery says:

    Two very nice dicks. I’m up for doing this with any hot volunteers in the NYC area

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