Read ‘The Shop Assistant’- straight lad loses virginity

After years spent writing this blog, and other erotic stories that I was too shy to post, it was suggested to me (by a fuck buddy, post hook-up, if you insist on asking) that I should publish one of them to see if you guys enjoy it as much as he did.

Read ‘The Shop Assistant’- straight lad loses virginity

So here we have it- ‘The Shop Assistant’! It’s all about an, erm, shop assistant who helps a young jock out in more ways than one. Here’s the blurb:

Aaron didn’t expect much when he’d gone to the department store one sunny morning to buy new underwear.

Possibly a rude shop assistant? Certainly some overpriced briefs.

Instead what he got was an eye opening, cherry popping experience in the changing rooms, where a confident shop assistant is determined to make sure the teenager’s new jockstrap fits just right- using all the tools at his disposal.

Here’s a taster of the story below, check it out. If it gets your boner hard and your balls eager to unload, here’s info on how to get the whole thing!

Aaron’s forehead was pressed hard against a mirror.

The glass fogged heavier with each of his ragged breaths.

From this angle all he could see were his abs flexing as he breathed. His darkly haired legs bent slightly at the knee as he braced himself. His seven inch cock bouncing freely in the air…

And then, at what he saw behind him, another thick drop of pre-cum bubbled out, joining the rope that was hanging from the end of it.

Because behind him another man stood, with just his scuffed leather shoes and cheap black trousers in view. Aaron’s skin tingled where the fabric rubbed against his bare calves.

He couldn’t see the long, curved dick that was thrusting into his hole, but he could certainly feel it. Oh, how he could feel every vein on every inch of that solid piece of meat as it pushed past his tight ring and thudded against his prostate.

How did he get here? Only an hour ago he’d been at football practice, not even thinking to glance at his naked friends in the showers afterwards.

And most definitely, without any question, thinking of himself as straight…


One hour ago

Aaron slammed his muddy football boots onto his bedroom floor. Dry mud wafted in a cloud across the carpet. He winced. Another molehill his father would turn into a mountain. Another reason to shout at him.

This time mud on the floor, last time forgetting to pick up milk, the time before that a forgotten trash bag… the reasons seemed to grow more mundane the older he got.

He was only nineteen- how did his father expect him to behave responsibly? Picking up groceries on the weekend wasn’t something you asked your teenage son to do.

He belonged outside, having fun with his friends, or kicking a ball about the park. If his father didn’t expect so much out of him he wouldn’t have to be disappointed all the time.

It’s not like he could enjoy himself in the week. He was at college all day and either at football practice or studying in the evening. What little time he had left was spent zoning out in front of his Xbox or trying to jerk off in the bathroom as quietly as he could.

And now that he was thinking about it… That reflex of a tingle had just started in his balls- he could do with blowing a load right now. Exercise always made him horny and his half hard cock was eagerly pressing against his underwear.

Over the past six years he’d got his technique down to a fine art; he could go from having a soft dick to splashing thick, teenage cum against the bathroom tiles in under two minutes.

It was a necessary skill for a horny teenage guy, when he never knew how long he was going to get before his father was banging on the bathroom door demanding a shower.

He wished he could pull down his waistband and slowly stroke out a load onto his flat abs right here and now, but his brother was in the bathroom and his father viewed a closed bedroom door as a begging invitation to disturb whatever he was up to inside.

In frustration Aaron flopped onto his single bed. He rolled back and thrust his legs into the air so that he could reach up and pull off his sports socks. He took a second to marvel at how hairy his legs were getting; in the past few years the hair had grown darker and coarser.

He was quite proud of the fact they were already formed of hard muscle from all the hours of running around a football field. They were looking like the legs of a man.

Next off came his football jersey. If only that dusting of hair between his pecs would get the message and man up too, he thought to himself.

Hanging out in just his shorts was helping him cool down from this morning’s exercise; an optional Saturday football class that he attended without fail. Now he could enjoy the burn in his muscles fading away, chill out in front of his Xbox and…

“Aaron!” called his father from downstairs.

He groaned in frustration and rolled off the bed, grabbing his football jersey and slipping it back over his head as the thundered down the stairs. His father was pulling clothes out of the washing machine in the kitchen and piling them into a plastic basket, ready to be put out on the line.

Aaron groaned inwardly, realizing that this was probably going to be his next chore for the day. What he’d give to be on his Xbox right now…

“There you are,” his father grunted as he stood upright with an armful of clothing. He nodded at his full hands, “Look at this.” He continued, dropping them into the basket and then reaching in them, fishing around for something.

Finally he pulled out a pair of Aaron’s underwear, battered and faded with a washed out budget-store logo on the waistband. Oh God, Aaron thought to himself, had he noticed the stain from the cum I wiped up a few days ago?

“Your underwear are falling apart.” He waggled the damp pair of briefs in Aaron’s face with a hint of pleasure, “Another week and they’ll be dissolving in the wash.”

“I know you don’t want to spend your pocket money on clothes, but tough shit. You have to get some new ones. Why can’t you be more like your brother and take pride in what you wear?”

He dropped the briefs in the basket and sighed, “Aren’t you embarrassed that your mates see you in them after practice? What must they think when you get these rags out of your bag?”

“Dad, no-one cares.” Aaron whined, “No-one’s looking at my underwear. We’ve got more important things to think about.”

“Such as?” His father responded, laughing at the teenagers cheek.

“Winning the match!” The young man exploded, “And having a laugh. No-one cares about underwear…”

He blew air out of his lips, thinking it quite the condescending noise to put his father in his place.

“Son, you’re going to go into town right now and buy some new underwear. Because you won’t be finding these in your drawer tomorrow morning.” His father grinned, “And then you’ll have to explain to all your mates why you’re going commando.”

Aaron’s blue eyes grew large in indignation and he opened his mouth to whine.

“Save me the theatrics- it’s not fair, I know. But it’s what I have to do to get either you, or your brother, to do anything around here. Now, go, get out and buy some. No arguments.”

And with that his father picked up the basket, walked out the back door and disappeared into the bright sunlight of the garden.

Aaron couldn’t quite believe how he’d just been played by his own father. Blackmailed into buying new clothes. What would he be doing next? Forcing him to churn his own butter?


Less than twenty minutes later Aaron stepped off of a bus, slap bang in the center of the shopping district of town. He blinked at the bright noon sun, double checked he had his wallet in his pocket and then lost himself in the bustle of the people crowding the streets.

Couples walking hand in hand drunk expensive ice coffee as they window shopped, toddlers tested their fathers nerves by running away at every opportunity and gaggles of teenage girls crowded the entrance to every low price jewelry and clothes shop around the main shopping square.

Aaron’s destination was the family department store known simply as Jack’s, as in jack of all trades, as in you could find everything but the kitchen sink on its six spacious floors.

It wasn’t where he usually bought his clothes as it tended to carry up market brands, but he wanted to treat himself and buy something a little more refined. Hopefully his father would be impressed enough to stay off his back for a couple of days.

A satisfied smile crossed his face. He was quite glad he had gone out now. It was a beautiful day and the light wind ruffling his floppy brown hair felt great after the morning spent running around a field, getting hot and sweaty.

He hadn’t had a chance to shower since then… and only just realized it was a little rude to try on clothes when he wasn’t shower fresh. Oh well, he’d just have to be sure he really wanted something before he bought it.

As he pulled open the door to Jack’s, a group of teenage girls appeared on the other side of the glass. Brought up to be a respectful young man, to strangers especially, he held it open as they filed through, two of them giving him a very obvious looking over as they passed. He felt a twinge in his dick, but had to remind himself why he was here- flirting with girls could wait for later.

He strode through the door with a sudden determination to get this shopping trip over with as quickly as possible.

Which might not be easy.

The place was cavernous, stretching out before him, three separate paths winding their way through displays of barbeques, towels and kitchenware.

He chose towels, logically they were the closest to what he was after, and soon found himself before a set of stairs which, according to the signpost, would take him to the basement men’s clothing section.

Down he went. Past mannequins draped in the checkered shirts and skin tight jeans that all his college buddies wore to the pub every weekend.

Background music soothed his ears as he stepped into the basement. The hard lighting and stacks of clothing, which stretched as far as Aaron could see, made him feel like he’d stumbled into some kind of warren.

There was only a smattering of shoppers- obviously no-one else wanted to be down here either on such a lovely day.

Aaron had no idea where to find the underwear department. He hadn’t been here in years. Why was there no sign posting?

“Excuse me.”

Aaron had snuck up behind the first shop assistant he’d spotted and secretly hoped to make him jump. It didn’t work. The guy finished folding the shirt he’d been holding, placed it on a shelf, and only then did he casually turn around.

He was wearing a white shirt, a very tight white shirt, that showed off a broad frame and slightly hairy chest that Aaron noticed peeking out from his unbuttoned top button. Black trousers and shoes, regulation for the store.

He was handsome, even cocky looking, with a line shaved in his eyebrow and a small scar near his bottom lip.

He raised an eyebrow and parted his thin pink lips slightly as he’d come face to face with Aaron, surprise registering before a more professional expression thundered back across his face.

“How can I help you..” He began, with a surprisingly deep voice, “… sir?” He seemed unsure if he should be saying that last part.

“Hi,” Aaron replied, a little perturbed by this guys reaction. He was ready to get what he needed and leave, “I’m looking for the underwear section. I need some new briefs… But I’ve got no idea where they’d be.”

“Everything was moved around last week. A sales drives,” He replied, raising an eyebrow, “the only thing it’s done is drive customers around the bend.”

He pointed at a space somewhere behind Aaron, almost touching his shoulder, “That’s where you’ll find underwear.” He looked Aaron up and down, “And shorts, socks. That kind of thing.”

“Thanks.” Aaron smiled and began to turn away.

“Do you need any help?” The assistant blurted, his swagger melting away.

“Huh?” Aaron responded, more out of surprise than any real question. Of course, helping him out was his job. He didn’t really know what he was going to buy anyway, being so ‘fashion challenged’ that his dad had to be the one to send him to the shops.

Having a guy help him out, someone who obviously knew how to dress, would be perfect, “Sure. I could do with some advice actually. I’m not even sure what size to buy.”

The assistant grinned and gestured for them to walk, glancing at Aaron’s waist as he did so, “Well, I’m guessing you’re waist size is about twenty nine? Thirty?” Aaron shrugged his shoulders which caused the assistant to laugh, “You don’t know?”

“I’ve never measured it.” The assistant’s smile grew larger, “My dad has always bought my underwear. I’ve never bothered looking to see what size they were.” Aaron began to feel pretty silly, and hoped he wasn’t about to blush at how childish he sounded.

This shop assistant had to be about twenty five, judging from the light stubble he had on his otherwise youthful face. It was embarrassing to be admitting in front of this guy that he didn’t even buy his own clothes.

“Well, I’m guessing thirty inches.” The assistant replied, “I’m John by the way.”


“Nice to meet you, Aaron.” John replied, looking him directly in the eye. Aaron felt a little uncomfortable with his intensity, but as they entered the underwear section John’s attention was swept away by the racks of briefs on display.

“So, what kind of style do you like? Do you like to feel loose or do you prefer your tackle to be held tight?”

Aaron laughed, “Well, loose for home. When I’m on the field it’s best to be wearing something tight to keep it from swinging around.”

John chuckled politely as he reached out for a pair of blue, skinny briefs, “Plus tight briefs make everything look bigger.”

“Oh, I’ve got no problem in that department” Aaron replied, before realizing what he’d said to what was essentially a complete stranger.

He looked up from the rows of underwear he’d been studying to see if he’d grossed John out, but he was busy picking out more underwear. Aaron supposed he heard this kind of talk all the time, as well as seeing a lot of half naked guys in the changing rooms. He had to be used to it.

Aaron noticed that John had at least three pair of briefs in his hand already- was he expecting him to buy all?

“Dude,” He said, gesturing at the underwear in his hands, “I don’t even know if they’re going to fit me or not.”

John looked down at the briefs in his hands almost as if he hadn’t realized he’d grabbed so many, and considered for a moment.

“You can always try a few pairs on.” He gazed into Aaron’s eyes openly, “If you want to.”

“Is that allowed?” Aaron replied in a half whisper, looking around to see if anyone was close. They were the only two within earshot, “I would have thought there was a policy or something.”

“Oh, there is,” John replied, “But I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Aaron was a little thrown. Why was he breaking the rules for him? Surely he’d get in trouble if he was caught letting a customer try on underwear that he might not even buy?

His train of thought was derailed when he noticed what was on the top of the pile John was holding, “What’s that?”

John held up the underwear by a thin strip attached to a larger, what Aaron could only call, pocket, “This is a jock. It’s what all serious sportsman wear. It lifts and supports your package so you don’t strain anything. Seriously, you should be wearing one when you play football.”

“I’ve never heard of them.”

“They’re not big in this country. But they’re all the rage in America. You should give it a try. I bet you’ll like the difference.”

Aaron paused. This guy might be taking the gamble of getting into trouble, but what had he to lose? They couldn’t make him buy the underwear if they caught him trying it on. And he didn’t want to buy anything that wouldn’t fit him properly. So…

“Sure, OK. I’ll try them, thanks.” He went to take the underwear out of John’s hands but the shop assistant pulled back, hugging them a little tighter to his chest.

“It’s OK, I’ll come over with you. Someone has to let you into the changing room.” He quickly pulled two more pairs of jocks off the rails, seemingly at random, and motioned with his head for Aaron to go further towards the back of the shop floor.

Before long the signs for the changing rooms appeared overhead and Aaron headed in that direction. Despite the tingling sensation he had in the back of his neck, like John was staring at him from behind, Aaron felt lucky that he’d run into him today.

He couldn’t imagine any of the other bored looking shop assistants taking such an interest in helping him out.

“Here we go.”

John put his hand in his pocket and fished out a large set of keys, hoisted the underwear to one arm and spent some time finding the right one.

“Sorry about that.” He said, leading Aaron to a cubicle and slipping the key inside a lock. The door looked surprisingly sturdy as it opened, thick wood that took a little effort to push.

For some reason John followed him into the small, mirrored room and closed the door behind him, turning the lock with a resounding click.

“I thought I would stay and help you out with sizing.” He casually muttered, busy pulling the assorted underwear off their hangers, “You said you’re not sure about it, and I bet you haven’t got a clue how to put on a jockstrap…”

Aaron wondered how hard it could be, but wasn’t about to start an argument. The guy was helping him out and probably didn’t want to say why he really wanted to stay- to make sure that Aaron wasn’t doing anything weird with the underwear. They had to resell what he wasn’t going to buy, after all.

John swallowed hard as he took this risk, hoping Aaron really was as naive as he seemed. Because he just had to see this young guy naked. “You should take your T-shirt off, so we can check your profile. You shouldn’t buy underwear without making sure it conforms to your body’s shape.”

“OK, no worries.” Aaron smiled at John, who couldn’t quite believe his luck, as he hooked his thumbs under the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head. John stared as Aaron’s chest was exposed. His tight abs were first to appear, each of them perfectly formed beneath his soft, smooth skin.

A light dusting of dark hair trailed from his belly button and disappeared into his shorts. John had a feeling that trail would one day, when Aaron was older, stretch upwards until it connected to the patch of hair between his firm, athletic pecs. They certainly weren’t large but they were perfectly toned, like you’d find on a swimmer or runner.

John only had a moment to admire Aaron’s lightly haired underarms before his shirt was off and thrown on the floor. Aaron was looking at the pile of underwear with a slight frown, “OK, which is first?”

“Well, I was thinking we’d try these,” John held up a pair of black briefs that had some extra ribbing around the groin area, “To see if you’d fit into a small. Oh, and they have extra support for your tackle. Feels great.”

He handed them to Aaron, who held them up before him with a dubious expression, “I dunno,” He said, “I don’t want anything too fancy.”

“Sure, but you don’t have to buy them if you don’t want to. Just try them and see.”

The rooms walls were entirely mirrors. There was even one on the back of the door. Still, Aaron turned to the mirror on the wall behind him out of habit. He hooked one thumb under the waist of his shorts and pulled them down.

The polyester slid smoothly down his legs and hit the floor with a faint rustle, and he stepped cleanly out of them and kicked them onto his discarded T-shirt.

He lifted a leg and was about to slip his foot through the first hole in the underwear when John spoke, “What are you doing?”

“You said it’d be OK if I tried them on?” Aaron replied, catching John’s eye in the mirror.

John smiled in amusement, “You can’t try them on over your underwear, you’ll have no idea if they fit right.”

Aaron looked bemused for a second and John knew he had a little convincing to do if he was going to trick this young man into getting naked for him, “Look, we do this all the time. We’re like doctors here, we see naked people every day and it’s no big deal. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to advise guys on proper fits.”

Aaron considered that logic. Wasn’t this a bit weird that he was about to get naked in front of a stranger while trying on underwear? But then again, John’s reasoning made sense. How would he know if the underwear fit correctly if he didn’t try them on by themselves?

If this was accepted behavior, for him to get shy about it was sort of unmanly. Besides, he was surrounded by naked guys every other day in a changing room. Was this that different?

His mind made up, Aaron dug his fingers under his waistband and swiftly pulled his underwear down, bending over to pull them off his feet. John had a front row view as Aaron’s toned, smooth ass cheeks flexed and spread, giving him a glimpse of Aaron’s virgin hole.

He only had a split second to look, but the light fur around Aaron’s pink pucker sent a burst of blood to John’s cock. What he’d give to get his tongue up that tight straight guy hole.

Was it worth losing his job to give it a try? The harder his dick got in his pants the more it seemed it was.

Aaron straightened and pulled the pair of new briefs up his legs. He wiggled his hips to test the ‘lifting’ of the fabric, and had to say he was impressed.

His cock and balls felt neatly packaged, not suffocated, like they were being gently cupped. He grinned, thinking that getting new underwear hadn’t been such a bad idea after all. He just hoped he could afford however much these fancy briefs cost.

He looked in the mirror and caught John’s eye again, but he mistook the hunger in his eyes for concern, “You don’t think they look good?” Aaron asked, turning sideways to the mirror and checking out his butt. All looked fine to him.

John thought he looked incredible. The tight fitting briefs outlined his assets and clung to his lean hips, creating a clean line between skin and cotton. He wanted to drop to his knees and peel them off with his teeth, but that would have been way too much way too soon. Instead, he had to manipulate his new young friend into getting into a more vulnerable situation before he could make any move.

“They’re good.” He said, standing still so that Aaron’s own body shielded his crotch from view in the mirror. He didn’t want Aaron to notice the bulge in his pants and freak out, “But I think we can do better. Here, try these.”

Another pair meant another show. Aaron pulled his underwear down, leaning over to pull them over his feet, giving John another heavenly view of his crack.

He even caught a glimpse of Aaron’s low hanging balls from between his legs. Just a shadow, but enough for John to feel a pulse of pre-cum leak out his dick and soak into his underwear.

John handed the next pair to Aaron. He picked these ones purposely- they were extra small, never going to fit properly, but they would give him the chance to…

“Oh.” Was all Aaron could say as John stepped towards him and, looking over his shoulder into the mirror, reached around Aaron towards his groin. He pushed a finger between the band of the tight fitting briefs and Aaron’s skin.

“These are too tight.” John said, moving his finger down, brushing Aaron’s right ball. Accidentally, of course, “I should be able to move my finger freely, but I can’t.”

He wiggled the end of his finger, explaining his point, feeling the light hair on Aaron’s sack as he jiggled his ball.

Aaron felt a tingle at this unexpected sensation. It wasn’t unpleasant just… Weird. No-one had ever touched him there before. And because he hadn’t been able to jerk off this morning, his dick was primed to get hard at the slightest of sensations.

He didn’t want to pop a boner in front of another guy- just imagine how embarrassing that’d be.

The assistant finally pulled out his finger. The elastic slapped back against Aaron’s ball with a tiny burst of pain.

“OK, take those off, we’ll try the next pair. I think they’ll work well for you.”

Despite his sudden nerves, Aaron leant over and pulled the underwear off, savoring the sensation of having his tackle fall free from the tight fabric.

Before he had even had a chance to hand back the underwear John was passing him another pair. These were barely more than a strap of white elastic and a pocket of fabric. It was a jockstrap.

“How do I…” Aaron began, before John snatched the jock back out of his hand and knelt down.

“Here, lift your left leg.” John said. His face was inches from Aaron’s butt, and he watched a glute clench as Aaron did as he was told. John took a deep breath, savoring the scent of fresh sweat that had to be coming from Aaron’s balls and ass crack.

John pulled one leg of the jock around Aaron’s foot, then instructed him to lift the other foot, and did the same again. Not waiting for Aaron to take control, John stood as he pulled the jock upwards, his hands sliding against the toned muscle of Aaron’s fuzzy legs as he neared his waist.

It fit perfectly. But Aaron didn’t know that.

“Let me just get it sitting right.” John sighed under his breath, involved in his work. His fingers found themselves pulling at the jock’s elastic, making sure the strap cupped Aaron’s butt cheeks perfectly.

He even took the risk of reaching around to check Aaron’s cock and balls were neatly encased by the pouch. They certainly were. And was it John’s imagination, or was Aaron’s dick a little plumper than earlier?

“These feel great.” Aaron said. He had to admit he looked great too- his body in the mirror was complemented by the flimsy fabric of the jockstrap.

He flexed, enjoying how the downward lighting of the changing room darkened the light hair that began at his belly button and disappeared into the jock. He was really looking forward to having more hair on his chest, like his father, becoming a real man… Hang on, he thought, where did John go?

“I’m concerned about the fit back here.” John said, falling to his knees, his face returning close to Aaron’s perfectly pert ass, “Can you bend forward a little? Lean against the glass.”

Aaron thought it strange, but sure, John knew what he was talking about. So he bent forward, pressing both hands against the mirror and, as there was nothing to look at except his own face, closed his eyes.

He felt warm breath on his ass. Actually, right on his hole. What was John doing back there? And how weird was it that the first person to see his bare ass hole up so close was a random shop assistant?

John leant forward, still on his knees, and concentrated on the task at hand. He’d decided that the jock just wasn’t sitting right. He pushed his index finger between the strap and Aaron’s ass, feeling the hard muscle under his finger, before following the curve of the elastic down to where it met the pouch.

This put his finger right behind Aaron’s balls. And within an inch of Aaron’s tight little hole. Damn, if it wasn’t utterly perfect. It looked so tight, so inviting.

Just a sprinkle of hairs grew around it, on an otherwise hairless ass. But his legs were so hairy- did he shave his ass? No, there was no stubble. It was just naturally like this. Smooth and begging to be kissed.

What the hell, John thought, this dumb jock probably wouldn’t know the difference between an underwear fitting and a prostate exam.

His index finger still in the strap, he moved his thumb to Aaron’s skin, and stroked across its smoothness slowly, lightly touching Aaron’s hole. It blinked in response. Almost mocking John with how tight it could get.

Aaron’s eyes flew open at the touch. But he didn’t move…

And as that’s where things start getting truly juicy, we’ll leave it there. If you want to read the rest, check out how to here!

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