Post orgasm torture makes man whine like a dog

SO. You’re tied up on a bed. Restraints around your legs. Restraints around your arms. You also have a wicked hard boner- and a man jerking you off. Sounds fun, right? Well, it is, until you finally shoot your load all over yourself and the man doesn’t pause- he just keeps on playing with your dick. Your poor, sensitive, stressed dick.

It’s called post orgasm torture, and it’s all the rage in some gay circles (find out all about it here). The guy in this video gets some major knob polishing after he cums, with his torturer taking great pleasure in circling his palm over the sensitive glans. The guy tied down moans, laughs, groans and even whines, like a dog that’s been left in a parked car… Until he’s finally allowed to rest and go fully flaccid. The sweet, sweet torment of post orgasm torture has been satisfied.

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