Paddy O’Brian gets bummed for the first time!

Paddy O’Brian gets bummed for the first time!

He might not look too happy about it, but his dick is rock hard right? Some button is obviously getting pushed deep inside his butt, so he must be enjoying getting fucked on some level.

Notorious power-top Paddy O’Brian somehow got talked into taking one for the team by They won’t be releasing the scene for another month, eager to build some summer-blockbuster excitement among the porn community. I’m fully expecting my tickets to the premiere at the Chinese Theatre to arrive by UPS any minute now!

And if you’re now upset that your favourite exclusive-top is now accepting sperm donations up his butt, you can read my articleon how to deal with it and other porn star related problems.

One response to “Paddy O’Brian gets bummed for the first time!”

  1. Aécio Sales ( says:


    I'll love it, babe !

    It's so delicious see him taking a hard cock in his hairy cherry…

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