“I don’t take dick” -Paddy O’Brian, before taking dick “I don’t take dick” -Paddy O’Brian, before taking dick Men.com http://postimages.givemegayporn.com/resources/images/video/paddy-obrian-gets-fucked-by-topher-di-maggio.jpg 2013-07-26T11:28:29-04:00 Men.com Paddy O'Brian Topher Di Maggio

“I don’t take dick” -Paddy O’Brian, before taking dick

“I don’t take dick” -Paddy O’Brian, before taking dick “I don’t take dick” -Paddy O’Brian, before taking dick “I don’t take dick” -Paddy O’Brian, before taking dick

In the finest traditions of reality TV, this trailer hams up the action with some staged indignation from (former) power top star Paddy O’Brian due to the fact he’s been ‘miscast’ as a bottom on that days porn roster. But like a good Englishman, he keeps a stiff upper lip & accepts the inevitable, taking a firm dicking from he who is always perfectly plucked, Topher Di Maggio.

I’ll admit I’ve never seen a bottom slap his own ass while he’s being fucked. Usually it’s the option of a top who’s fucking, shall we say, a bottom whose hole has seen tighter days, in an effort to get a firmer grip around his dick and some friction to work with. Paddy though has to be as tight as a vice as he’s ‘never been fucked’ before, yet he’s still considerate enough to give himself a very enthusiastic ass slapping for Topher’s pleasure. Unless he’s using the pain as a coping mechanism for the dick that’s prising his hole open?

Maybe. All I know is that Paddy has a hairy hole. Topher Dimaggio seems to like it, giving his cheeks some manly massage before diving in for a firm tongue work. He doesn’t do it for long though, as everyone is keen to get this show on the road and see a cock finally slide up Paddy’s virginal ass. The trailer makes Paddy look in pain and, honestly, kind of angry. But in the full scene he takes to it like a duck to water, happily holding still while Topher thrusts his dick into his ass and making the all the kinds of appreciate noises you expect from a happy bottom. His body looks pretty amazing as he’s tensing everything to stay upright for the firm, professional fucking he’s getting.

Topher then bends him over and takes him doggie, and Paddy gets a rosy red ass from all that ass-slapping I mentioned. It all ends with Paddy on his back and Topher jerking off on top of him. Paddy jerks out a thick, super-white load that looks incredible contrasted against his tanned skin. That sets Topher off who somehow manages to cum on himself instead of Paddy- still, job well done, right?

3 responses to ““I don’t take dick” -Paddy O’Brian, before taking dick”

  1. Alessio says:

    What's really disgusting is the two ugly girls that are supposing to be shooting the scenery! Stupid idea!

  2. Maatre says:

    Paddy O'Brian is a total bore, as are all of these "gay for pay" performers like Tyler Torro, Cody Cummings, etc. Who cares?

  3. Markydark says:

    It's hot and not at the same time. I think I would have preferred Topher losing his cherry instead

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