Smooth guy in dirty overalls strips at work & jerks

That age old dilemma- what do you do when you’re at work, in a pair of dirty overalls splattered with dry paint, and your cock is begging for attention? Well, you set up a camera and slowly strip down your overalls and pull out your fat, uncut cock, that’s what.

This guy’s cock head is already juicy and wet when he’s pulls it out, so you can tell he’s been leaking pre-cum in his pants before he even started stripping his work overalls down to his crotch. He’s got a gorgeous smooth and lean body that he exposes slowly as he lowers his clothes, without ever stopping jerking his thick uncut dick as he does it.

He spits on his hand, jerks his cock some more and then explodes with thick ropes of cum into his other waiting hand. Damn that looked tasty. And listening to his heavy breathing, which he keeps as low as possible to avoid getting caught, got my own dick rock hard in my pants. How about you?

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