Muscular professional in shirt & tie fucks guy

Here we have what I think is a fantasy being lived out- a muscular man with really sexy legs is lying naked and face down on his bed, patiently waiting for an anonymous guy to walk in, strip out of his work clothes and fuck his ass. Due to the camera angle, when his pump-and-dump buddy turns up you can’t really tell much about him apart from the fact he wears a tie to work and has hot, hairy forearms.

Oh-so-slowly his clothes start coming off, but not fast enough- he’s already balls deeps inside the bottoms ass and his shirt is still on! And then the fucking begins. The top rides his slutty buddy hard, before finally getting naked and showing off his STUNNING body! This guy is really toned! How cruel to be hiding it until now. He pounds into the bottom until he’s breathing fast and hard then BLAM he cums explosively inside him. And then we get a hot visual of how much cum he blasted when the condom is shown to the camera- job well done, guys.

And that parting shot of his ass as he leaves the room? Stunning. Simply… stunning.

2 responses to “Muscular professional in shirt & tie fucks guy”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Married man here love sucking cock and been a bottom for other men

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh fuck I wanna be that bottom

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