Erotic story: Monster cocked muscle worship

By Randy Peters.



10! I dropped the weights on the ground and breathed heavily. Sweat was pouring from my head and my bulging arms glistened in the bright gym lights. I was really pushing myself today, I had seen some pretty good gains in the past few weeks but I still wasn’t satisfied. I decided that I needed to lift extra hard if I wanted to bulk up enough to be happy with my size. I wasn’t small, but I wasn’t as big as Arnold was in his prime, either.

I looked around and saw a few guys and noticed one who was particularly struggling while he was benching. He didn’t have much on the bar, but his arms were pretty scrawny. I headed over and put my hand under the bar. “Careful, man, it looks like you have too much on here. You could hurt yourself!”

He breathed heavily and slowly lowered the bar to the stand with my help. When he got it all the way down, he wiggled his way out from under it and looked at me. “Thanks, I thought I could handle it but it turned out to be more than I could do comfortably.”

I nodded and headed back over to my spot and lifted the weights up again. I needed to push through one more and then I would be done. I got through the first 5 without much of a problem, but I started breathing heavier as I finished. With the last two I was inhaling loudly and grunting as I exhaled. Finally I made it through and let out a huge sigh as I dropped the weights and rubbed my arms. I could feel how pumped up they were and the veins were bulging out against my biceps. That’s what I wanted to see all the time!

I racked the weights and headed to the locker room. I pulled off my sweaty tank and grabbed my towel from the locker. I threw the tank on the locker shelf and sat on the bench. I pulled off my shoes and socks and threw them into the bottom. Then I got up and pulled off my shorts and jock and threw them with the tank. My cock was bulging almost as hard as my arms as it became exposed to the cool air. A good workout really got me going!

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of someone staring at me. He was undressing himself, but he was definitely looking in my direction, a bit too directly to be a coincidence. I pretended not to notice and turned around, deliberately facing him as I did so I could show off and get a better look at who was checking me out. It was the guy I helped at the bench. I guess he had enough of an adventure for the day and decided to call it quits. He looked pretty athletic, but he must have been a runner or something, because while his legs and lower core were well toned and cut, he had almost no upper body muscle to speak of. I guess that’s why he was here! It seemed like he was also coming for another reason, because his jaw dropped and I saw him get rock hard as I turned his way.

I took my towel over to the showers and turned a couple of the jets on hot. I let it warm up and the steam started filling the room. I put myself under the water, closed my eyes, and let it stream down my body, rolling off the hardened muscles and flowing through the valleys of my chest and stomach. I rubbed my hands across my wet form and opened my eyes in time to see the guy from before walking into the shower, looking right at me. He turned the rest of the jets on and the steam soon filled the room so much you couldn’t see more than a couple inches in front of you, and the sound was almost deafening. I heard splashing footsteps moving closer and I felt a hand on my chest. I knew what was happening and I was so turned on my cock leaked and throbbed, and I pulled the other body close to mine so that it would press into him. I heard a gasp and I pressed his face into my chest, giving him a good look at what he was after.

I knew his type. He was one of those guys who was infatuated with muscles and was only halfheartedly trying to build his own. He’d much rather come in and worship the big guys who spent hours in the gym every day, like me, because he loved them but didn’t want to put forth the effort to become one. Well, he’d be getting his wish today. I grabbed his head and shoved it into my armpit, letting him smell and taste the sweat that had been stewing in there for the past few hours. I heard his muffled moans and felt his tongue lapping up the saltiness from under my arm. After a while I let him out and heard him gasp for air, but I didn’t give him long before I shoved his head under my other arm. He pushed forward against me and I could feel his cock throbbing against my leg. He really wanted it and he was loving every second of being my toy.

When he finished with my other pit I pulled him back out and shoved him in my chest again, holding him there with one hand, while I pulled the other around and grabbed his ass hard. I heard him squeak into me and I knew he just had to feel the muscle he loved the most. I let his hands wander to my crotch and felt them caress my balls and my thick, veiny cock. It’s almost ten inches long and as thick as a soda can, and I could tell how eager he was to have it. He was about to get it, but I wasn’t done making him worship the rest of my body before he got a chance to take it.

I turned around so he couldn’t get to my cock anymore, and I thrust my bulging arms at him, right in his face. I flexed my bicep hard and he rubbed and kissed it and wrapped himself around it. I lifted my arm and pulled him up off the ground, and he held on, kissing and licking the entire time. I put him down and guided him to my beefy legs, and he rubbed them up and down, kissing everywhere he could, from my thighs just below my hips all the way to my feet. He started rubbing them and I realized he didn’t just love my muscles, he had a foot fetish too! I used that to my advantage and I used one to push him down to the ground, keeping him pinned, and shoved the other right in his face. He grunted and moaned and started licking my feet, taking my toes into his mouth, and I felt him trying to hump the ground, but he couldn’t move an inch thanks to my massive leg keeping him tight to the floor. He was mine, and he loved it.

I’d finally finished toying with him and I lifted my foot so he could stand again. He rose quickly and I pushed him against the wall and rubbed my huge, hard cock between his ass cheeks. He moaned and whimpered and I wrapped one hand around his mouth as I probed his asshole with my head. The showers were loud, but I didn’t want anyone else to hear a thing, this one was all mine and I was going to make sure it stayed that way until I was finished with him. I started thrusting at his hole until I managed to pierce it with my flaring mushroom head and I heard him scream into my hand and writhe around as I held him in place against the wall. I grunted as I thrusted and pushed further inside him, feeling his tight ass wrapping around my monster cock. I’d gotten maybe halfway in when I heard his screams of pain switch to moans of pleasure, and I took that as a sign that he was prepared for anything I could throw at him.

I started to thrust faster and harder, grunting as I slipped deeper into his eager asshole, and he moaned and whined into my hand, actually trying to push back against me to get even more in! I obliged and slammed myself hard into him, pushing him into the wall as the rest of my schlong filled him and I could feel his insides adjusting to their visitor. I held it there for a moment while I shifted positions, wanting to give him the ride of his life, literally. I let go of him so he wasn’t pinned against the wall anymore, and I reached down to grab his legs and picked them up. I pulled them between his chest and the wall and I used my body weight to pin him against it, and I put my hand on his stomach to leverage him against me and I gave just enough slack for him to slide all the way back down my cock. He was stuffed and trapped, in the air, between the shower wall and the muscle he worshipped, with the most important one impaling him deep. He squirmed wanting to feel it rub against his walls and he was making me throb and leak inside him.

I started thrusting, using a combination of his weight sliding down and my raw power pushing up to fuck him hard and deep. I felt myself getting close and I decided it was worth the risk to remove my hand from his face so I could use both of them to hold him up. I grabbed his thighs firmly with my hands, keeping them up and holding his body against me, and I fucked him furiously, causing him to shriek and moan, definitely loud enough for anyone nearby to here. It didn’t matter anymore, I was about to give him the last thing he wanted, my muscle seed deep inside him. I grunted and growled as I pounded his ass and I felt myself getting closer and closer to breeding my toy. With a couple final thrusts my cock began to swell, and I pushed him back against the wall and thrusted as far inside him as I could. My cock spewed cum inside him like a hose and I could hear him squealing in delight as I flooded him.

After a minute I pulled him up off my cock and put him down on the ground on his knees. I made him lick my cock clean, and he eagerly sucked at the tip to get any remaining cum that I hadn’t deposited into his hungry hole. When I was satisfied I pushed him down onto his back, and I held him there with my foot while I finished my shower. When I was done I picked my foot up and left him on the ground, and before I turned around I saw him grabbing at his pole and furiously stroking it. As I left the shower room I heard him howl in the pleasure that must have been his orgasm.

I guess he got what he wanted out of his trip to the gym after all.

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