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Mickey Taylor’s new single ‘Sirens In Chicago’

Mickey Taylor, as well as being an English, inked covered porn star, is a wannabe singer. Not too shocking, right? It seems most porn stars and drag queens have this idea that their career can launch them into pop stardom, often with an ill-advised dollop of auto-tune to grease the way.

Here’s Mickey’s new single ‘Sirens In Chicago’ off his SECOND album. Yes, he’s already got one album in his belt! And if you’re wondering why there’s three guys making out in the video (which, frankly, is the best part of the whole experience), here’s the almost comprehensible blurb that goes with it:

“In this music video, Mickey plays his boyfriend who is expressing his love and feelings towards two guys who play Mickey’s alter egos who Mickey feels his boyfriend has to live, love and contend with on a daily basis.”

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