Matt Camp is Nasty Pig

Matt Camp is something of a GoGo legend in NYC, having graced the bar-tops of pretty much every gay establishment at one point or another, and having a million and one men lust after his lean yet muscular tattooed body & handsome yet guyish face (yes, it takes a lot of words to adequately describe this young man).

These days I believe Matt has retired from shaking his booty on bars to concentrate on his acting, fashion& perfume projects. Perfume? I hear you ask. From what I can see it comes in something like a poppers bottle so it might possibly give your cock a kick at the same time as smelling nice?

I just came across (pun intended) this video of him modelling for Nasty Pig, a fetish clothing store in NYC, check out how fucking sexy he looks stripping & spinning & smelling his own used shirt…

One response to “Matt Camp is Nasty Pig”

  1. Matt Barnes says:

    Matt Camp is the hottest guy in the world. No one will ever look better in Nasty Pig gear than he does!!!

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