Michael Hoffman, shirtless and showing off his abs

There’s been a lot of hoo-ha recently about a young body builder named Michael Hoffman, whose hot face and rippling abs (and admittedly conceited perchance for showing them off) have brought him a lot of attention on places such as Youtube and Tumblr. Recently some videos were leaked online of him jerking off, licking his own cum off his hand (and looking a little grossed out as he did it) and showing off his incredible cock and ass.

He stated (in a Youtube video he’s since taken down) that the videos were taken for fans who paid for the privilege, earning him around $10,000 in the process, and that they were never meant to be shared online. Unfortunately, like the majority of us, he’s naive in his youth and trusted those people (in the age of social media no less!) to not spread the videos across the internet, which of course they have for every Tom, (now hard) Dick and Harry to gaze upon and snigger with schadenfreude-laden glee at how dumb he was to make them in the first place.

At first I was in a rush to repost them to this blog. Who wouldn’t want to see a young body builder jerking off in the shower, brandishing a bubble butt I could base a religion on? But then as the story behind the videos was revealed to me I had second thoughts- reposting them gave me a sick, sleazy feeling in my stomach. This blog revel’s in the uplifting shades of gay men & sex, rather than enjoying jaded jollies from a young man’s deception, and I want to keep it that way, even if it means missing out on a few thousand hits.

So instead I’ve decided to devote this post to hot pics of Michael Hoffman that he’s been happy to post himself, and if you really must watch the videos, just head over to some of the less-encumbered-by-morals blogs such as The Gaily Grindfor the links.

Michael Hoffman, shirtless and showing off his abs

Michael Hoffman, shirtless and showing off his abs

2 responses to “Michael Hoffman, shirtless and showing off his abs”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Leaked videos of Hoffman jerking off in the shower and others of him jerking off working out and lounging by his bed (or was it a sofa — I forget)? Nah. Nobody in this day and age is that naïve with all the celebrity sex vids surfacing etc. He knew they’d get out. He had to know. He is aiming, I suspect, for a lateral move into porn. Hopefully gay porn or even gay4pay porn. Look like that and have a body like that you SHOULD do porn! 🙂

  2. Yogel says:

    Leaked videos or not he’s pretty incredible looking. He should just bite the bullet and do some porn. But whatever, he’s fucking hot so I’m just happy looking at his abs.

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