The Levi Karter & Ricky Roman dolls

Written (and pics!) by Amy
The Levi Karter & Ricky Roman dolls

Levi Karter is a freak of nature, and I mean this in the best possible way. He’s got that compact athletic body and is able to contort it into positions that pain me just to watch. Levi does things with his body that shouldn’t even be possible (and I’m not even referring to expertly sucking one dick while riding Ty Roderick like a cowboy). I think CockyGuys has been going a little easy on him, to tell you the truth.

As evidenced by the picture below (and thisVine), the guy is capable of so much more.

The Levi Karter & Ricky Roman dolls

Inspired by this blog post, I thought I’d share some future scene ideas for the most flexible man in the business. His scene partner is the gorgeous Ricky Roman, who seemed the most logical choice because they’re basically married.

I mean, they deny the rumors of their torrid affair, but us #Licky fans don’t really care. Add to that the fact that I can never get enough of Ricky Roman, even in junk-less Ken doll form, and Levi’s partner in sexual adventure was obvious.

Scene #1: Acting like animals at the Zoo
Levi and Ricky arrive at the zoo ready for some fun. Inexplicably, Levi is riding a giraffe and Ricky decided Levi’s instructions to “dress casual” meant “jockstrap”. It’s not long before the guys tire from their walk through the apparently open air zoo where dinosaurs and saber tooth tigers live together in peace and harmony. Levi’s ready to act out his long-held fantasy to do the deed while laying directly on top of the tiger cages. It’s a bit dangerous, but Ricky’s game to satisfy Levi’s animalistic urges and pound Levi’s ass while a particularly curious giraffe looks on.

The Levi Karter & Ricky Roman dolls

Scene #2: Some alone time parking in a really small minivan
Levi and Ricky have been staying with Levi’s family for much too long, and the inability to find peace and quiet for some sexy time alone has finally gotten to them. Levi borrows his sister’s minivan and, with help from the large sunroof, is able to perform a feat of flexibility that opens him up for a long overdue ass rimming.

The Levi Karter & Ricky Roman dolls

Scene #3: A horseback ride to remember
It was hard for Ricky to believe that Levi had never been horseback riding, but when he heard it from Levi himself, he knew he was the one that wanted to show him the ropes. Literally. He saddled up his prettiest blue-maned pony and took Levi for the ride of his life.

Most human men would not be able to have sex while tied up, head down on a horse, but Levi is not your average guy. Ricky is also able to fulfill Levi’s fantasy of being tied up and whipped, all while trotting the pasture on Princess Bluebell.

The Levi Karter & Ricky Roman dolls

Scene #4: Too many cocks in the kitchen
This last scene is perhaps the most unfortunate, though long overdue. When Levi’s girlfriend, the elegantly dressed Annabelle, checks on the progress of the cookie making, she’s surprised to see Levi’s best friend since childhood, Ricky, using the rolling pin in a way she never imagined. It maybe wasn’t the best way to break the news he was gay, but Levi had waited long enough.

It all ends on a happy note when Annabelle admits to being suspicious of their relationship, mostly due to the long “bro showers” they took together, so they sit down with a chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk and joke about all the many clues she missed over the past six years.

I’m looking forward to seeing these scenes come to life through the lens of the Cockyboys camera. If I don’t see at least one scene where it looks like one or both of Levi’s legs have been dislocated, I’m not going to be satisfied. Put his flexibility to the ultimate test! And if Ricky Roman is in a shortie apron at the same time, I’m not going to be mad about it.

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