Erotic story: Let Me Give You What You Want part 3

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That weekend Troy had to leave town on business. Some seminar about leadership that corporate wanted him to speak at. That meant 4 whole days away from Troy. The apartment we now shared seemed so empty without him there. I really missed him. Not to mention how horny I was getting.

At work Wednesday afternoon I was boned up. His flight would be getting in after lunch but I wouldn’t be able to see him until after I got home from work. It was so hard to sit in the office with a 10 inch log running down my leg with the thought of release finally on the horizon the second I came home from work.

I had to position myself funny the whole ride home on the subway to conceal the excitement in my pants. Seriously, I looked like an eggplant heist gone wrong. I covered myself up with a folder and quickly made my way to our building. I raced up to our apartment, unlocked the door and made my way inside. Troy, recovering from travel was sound asleep on the couch in his pajamas with the football game blaring on the tv. For a moment I thought not to disturb him since he was so peaceful, but I was immediately snapped back to my senses because of how horny I was.

His soft pajamas stretched out over his large, black frame with each breath he took. While not hugely muscular, he was just a big-boned guy. Hell, he was big everywhere. Besides skin color, we were clones of each other: tall, lean, and hung. I laughed to myself as I saw he was sporting a huge erection despite his unconscious state. My asshole gave a jolt when I admired it, knowing it would finally be getting the big cock it had been hungry for all day.

The sheer desire I had to get into his pants must have been tangible because his eyes opened and found me standing there in front of him with an obscene erection protruding from my pants. There was just no hiding this thing.

“Jesus!” He said drowsily as he stared at my giant erection through my pants. I’m sure I have clothes on around this man less often than I have them off, but he still gets shocked every once in a while at the size of my dick. He must have felt the lust radiating from me, because he started laughing and said, “Stop looking at me like that. You look like a mad man. Jason, I’m so happy to see you but I really need this nap. You have no idea how exhausted I am.” He turned over on the couch and attempted to go back to sleep.

“Nuh uh-” I said, walking over to him and squeezing my cock desperately. “No, man, I’ve been needing this for days. Come on, man, I need to get fucked hard. Right now.” I’ve never sounded so desperate, but I didn’t even care. I leaned my erection into his neck just to prove how boned up I really was. I’m sure I was just radiating heat and hormones. My asshole was pulsing. My body was showing every signal it could to this giant man that it needed sex from him. I was experiencing the most animalistic urge to mate with this man. My need for him to fuck me wasn’t even the least bit emotional anymore. It was primal.

“My God, Jason, what, did someone spike your coffee with half a bottle of Viagra this morning?”

“Just stop talking and please fuck me.” I was talking fast and desperately. I really was sounding like a crazy person. When I was on the subway I didn’t think my dick could possibly swell even bigger, but the erection throbbing against the confines of my pants was just unhuman. I just had to release it.

It was starting to hurt, being all crammed in there. I reached into my pants and pulled them over the head, finally setting it free and giving it room to breathe. It immediately snapped up right above my belly button, waving menacingly, and slinging precum all over the floor below me. I’d never seen my dick this big before, and it was still throbbing like crazy.

“Jason, please just let me sleep. Every night of the conference was basically an all nighter.” He said, his back still turned to me.

I ignored him, as I stared at his round, plump ass through his thin pajama bottoms. I made my move.

“What are you doing?” He said, curiously as I grabbed his ass and bent down. “Not right now, Jason. Come on, just lay with me and cuddle.”

I peeled back his pajama bottoms and stared at the round cheeks in front of me, licking my lips.

“Oh fuck.” He moaned as he felt my tongue start to lick around his cheeks.” He reached around and grabbed the back of my head, pressing my tongue closer to what I really wanted.

“Damnit, Jason, you really know how to get what you want when you want it.” He said, frustratingly as I started to probe him with my tongue. “Alright, alright! You win.” He panted. “Now let me see that ass. And you better be ready to take the pounding of your fucking life after waking the beast from his slumber.” He laughed.

He rolled over and it was evident that he couldn’t resist taking his cock out during the rim job I was giving him because his 10 inch, thick cock was hard as concrete.

“Is this what you wanted, babe?” He taunted me, grabbing his impressively thick cock with both hands. “You want me to fuck that ass?”

“I need it.” I whined, not caring how desperate I sounded. He could have asked me to do the dishes and take the trash out for the next ten years and I would have agreed in a heartbeat. Nothing was going to keep me from getting that dick in me.

I kicked off my underwear, just standing there with nothing on but a shirt and massive erection. Troy finally stood up and walked over to me, changing the mood immediately by embracing me warmly and leaning in for a kiss. I moaned as he grabbed my ass and continued to kiss me. I was just clay in his hands; begging him to use my body for whatever he wanted. I knew I would enjoy whatever he wanted to do to me.

I grabbed his hand and brought it to our lips, wetting it with my tongue and then bringing it back to my ass, teasing the opening and getting it lubricated. I got chills when I felt his finger press in to me. My erection was against his, throbbing against one another.

He finally broke our kiss and walked around me, spreading my ass cheeks and teasing my hole.

“Please, Troy. I need it.” I begged, shoving my ass into him. He gave me a cocky smirk as he reached into a nearby drawer for some lube. I heard the cap pop off, and my hole instantly gave a jolt, having been trained over the course of our relationship that that sound meant I was getting sex soon after. But instead of the cock I so desperately wanted in my ass, I felt his tongue, dancing around my hole, stimulating me only enough to tease me.

“No, please, man, give me that cock.” I pleaded, getting frustrated. He knew exactly what he was doing. My cock was so hard it was almost touching my chest.

“You’ll get it soon enough.” He mused, cockily. I don’t know what more he wanted from me. I was bent over in front of this man, groaning while I humped against his rod, just begging for him to mate with me. I was thrusting back against his tongue, uncontrollably, but it just wouldn’t go deep enough.

“Please, Troy.” I groaned, clearly frustrated.

“Okay, okay”, he said, lathering his huge cock with lube. “But you said you wanted to get fucked hard, and now you’ve got me in the mood to really fuck you hard. You ready for this?” He said, placing the head of his dick against my pulsing pucker.

“Oh god, yes, please, fuck me hard.” I panted as I got into position on my hands and knees.

He pressed forward, at a constant pace, not too hard for it to hurt, but fast enough to where all 10 thick inches had snaked their way up my ass. “Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck.” I moaned with my eyes rolling to the back of my head. He sat still as I adjusted to the massive size of his cock. I could feel his cock pulsing with his heartbeat against my back. His arms were wrapped around my abs, keeping me in place, as if I would ever try to escape.

Doesn’t he know me better by now? Despite the fact that he wasn’t thrusting, or even moving, my prostate was sending waves of intense pleasure through my whole body from my head to my toes while his cock throbbed against it. My cock below me was hovering parallel from my chest, looking just massive. He started to slowly thrust in and out, and I immediately grabbed his leg and panted, “No, no. Stop. Wait a second.”

I tried to concentrate on anything but blowing the load I could feel slowly making its way to the head of my dick. He stood still, with a confused look on his face, because at the frequency we have sex, I never need more time than this to get used to his size. “Dude, I’m about to cum without even touching myself.” I said through gritted teeth. I wanted this to last, but the constant waves of pleasure radiating from my overstimulated prostate was making me lightheaded, not to mention the amount of blood needed to make a dick my size so hard.

“Oh, you don’t say.” Troy cockily said with a wicked grin. He started to slowly move in and out, keeping me on the edge for way longer than my poor prostate was used to.

“Troy, I mean it, I’m going to cum if you don’t stop.” My dick was throbbing like I had never seen before, and there was nothing I could do about it, with my hands being used to now support both of our weight. This was almost cruel. I couldn’t get him to stop thrusting in and out and I couldn’t use one of my hands to finish me off and give my dick the release it so desperately needed. And he was very aware of this. He knew he alone was in control of when or if I came.

He had found the rate at which he could go slow enough to not quite push me over the edge, but fast enough to keep me so close to it that I was unable to form coherent statements.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” He whispered in my ear, running his hands all along my abs and chest, flicking my right nipple with his finger and gently biting my ear.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned, feeling his powerful hands rub all over me.

“Here I am, trying to get some sleep.” He said, slowly thrusting in and out.

“Oh fuuuuck.” I moaned, feeling the change in pace. My cock was pulsating.

“While my boyfriend is at work doing his job.” He said, picking up the pace.

“Oh fuck!” I yelled, my eyes beginning to cross, not even able to listen to him anymore, the cum boiling at the head of my cock. He had pushed me over the edge, my body taking the reins from here on out. My dick jumping with every thrust he gave me.

“And he can’t wait one second longer to get my big black cock in his ass..” He said, picking up the pace. “Waving that ass in my face, begging for me to fuck him.”

“OH FUCK!” I yelled.

I lost it right there. I looked down at my dick, bobbing up and down with his thrusts and then watched as it straightened up even harder than before, pointed at my abs and sprayed jet after jet of fluid, dousing my chest in cum and then dripping off my chest to the hardwood floor below me.

“Oh my god!” I sighed as he really railed into me, watching in amazement as I covered the floor below me in cum. My prostate was pumping harder than ever now, and as Troy’s pace picked up even more, I felt another tier of my orgasm coming on. I couldn’t even speak. My cock was now oozing the thickest, whitest cum I had ever seen. I watched in amazement as it slowly trickled down to the floor below me.

I couldn’t fathom what had just happened to me. There were two, very distinctively different loads on the floor below me, despite coming from the same person, not even a minute apart from each other. I couldn’t think straight right now. The throbbing pleasure running throughout my whole body was overwhelming. I closed my eyes to just ride this pleasure wave as long as I could.

I felt Troy lean in to my back and hold me closely, finally becoming aware again of his giant cock throbbing in me. I was speechless. I couldn’t find any words. He rested on my back and I felt something dripping out of my hole while his hard cock stayed firmly planted inside me to the hilt. I had no idea when he had shot his load deep in my ass but there was no denying it had happened. He wrapped his hand around my rock hard cock as I regained my breath. We looked down below me and stared incredulously at the massive amount of cum that I had produced.

I was suddenly aware of how exhausted my arms were from supporting the both of us, but I didn’t care. I looked up at him and into his eyes as he held on to me, leaning into him for a kiss.

For a while we just stayed there, catching our breath. My cock was still as rock hard as ever, just waving around menacingly as I breathed in and out. I couldn’t believe it, but I wanted more. Troy’s cock had started to soften, but not by much. I slowly started to rock back and forth on his cock.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” He said, incredulously. He reached down under my chest to feel my cock. “How in the world are you still this hard?”

“You try going soft with a 10 inch dick resting against your prostate.” I laughed, slamming into him for good measure.

“No, Jason, I can’t go again. I’m exhausted.”

“That’s not what your dick says.” I said, truthfully, feeling his cock starting to harden.

“Man, what is up with you today? You’re insatiable! Didn’t you ever learn from those seminars in high school that no means no?”

I looked down below me and admired the unnatural amount of cum I had already unloaded. But I wanted more. It just felt too good.

“Jason, I’m so tired. Please just let me go back to sleep.”

I was growing impatient again. So I did what I knew would get him all riled up and bothered. I reached my hand and brought it to his ass and, without warning, plunged a finger into his ass.

“What the fuck!” He shouted with a jolt. I snaked my finger further up his ass, making sure to hit every area possible. “Ahhh, what are you doing?” He said, his hole constricting like a vicegrip trying to push me out.

I pressed hard onto his prostate and felt his dick jerk hard up against my own prostate, sending a wave of pleasure through me.

“Fuck, man, what are you doing?” He said, almost angrily. I tapped hard on his prostate again, giving his dick another bounce. “Dude, cut it out!” He said. I smiled, knowing I was getting to him.

“Of fuck?” He groaned as I continued to work my finger in and out of him. He instinctively started to rock back and forth on my probing digit, working his rock hard cock in and out of me again, just like I wanted. Wanting him to pick up the pace, I then inserted a second finger.

“Fuck!” He jumped, surprised at the second digit. I quickly began to finger fuck him, as he groaned hard while working his dick in and out of me with the pace I was controlling.

“Oh, fuck yeah.” He said under his breath. He was now railing into me hard again. He went into beast mode as he took over the pace, really giving it to me now.

He wrapped his hand around my rock hard cock and started to jack me off with his thrusts. “Yeah, is this what you wanted?” He grunted, squeezing my fingers with his hole while they continued to penetrate him. He was good and bothered now. I had seduced a wild man and now I was getting fucked by a wild man. And I was enjoying every second of it.

The power of his cock on my prostate and him jacking me off as he fucked me proved to be too much for me. Amazingly as I announced my impending orgasm, I felt his prostate start to throb powerfully, and just as I started to cum again, I felt him shoot his sperm all the way up my hole.

I watched as yet another load shot out of my cock to join the other loads I had sprayed onto the hardwood floor below me. The muscles in my arms were killing me, but I think I finally had gotten enough sex to last me for the moment.

We stayed there, with me still on my knees, fully impaled on his cock while he kissed me. I felt him pull out of me and could feel my ass hole continue its contractions at the pace he had been fucking me. His loads were dripping out of me, powerless to stop it. I started to stand and immediately winced in pain at the soreness of my knees, having been fucked hard relentlessly for the past hour. I would just have to keep reminding myself that it was way worth it when I limped around the apartment for the rest of the day.

I stood up straight to stretch and crack my back, noting that my rock hard cock had yet to cool down. Troy looked down at the mess I had made on the floor. “Jesus, Jason.” He laughed. “I didn’t know that much cum could come from just one person.”

“Never underestimate what a good fuck will do to you.” I laughed. “Besides, my body has learned to keep up with production when we fuck as much as we do.”

“Amen to that.” He laughed, leaning in to kiss me again. “Now will you leave me alone so I can sleep?”

“I have no use for you anymore. I got what I wanted.” I grinned, spanking him as I went to clean myself off.

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