The SF Folsom street fair 2012

The Folsom street fair is a world famous, nay world notorious fetish smorgasbord that hits San Francisco at the end of September every year; where a criss-cross of streets are closed to traffic & dissolve into a twisted playground that encourages every kind of sexual fetish you can imagine. Thousands of barely-clothed people play hard all day long, with just enough summer sun left to keep them warm well into the evening.

I’d heard hushed stories about the fair for years, about the street stalls selling cock-rings and ball-gags, about the full sex shows in the middle of the street for anyone to watch and the demonstrations of how to fist and whip safely… and finally managed to attend in 2012. I was instantly charmed by the atmosphere.

There’s a donation at the door, something like $10, that buys something priceless- the freedom for people to express their every crazy desire without shame or embarrassment- the stuff usually done behind closed doors is suddenly thrust into full view. Newbies and experts alike are encouraged to share in the mutual excitement and exploration of human sexuality.

During the day I saw people led around like dogs, ridden like ponies (with a saddle and all), whipped, chained, gagged, stripped, blown, fisted, electro-zapped (I have serious respect for that guy, his balls must have been aching for a week). And you know what- between grimaces and grunts, they all had a smile on their face. It was the happiest, most inclusive event I’ve ever been to.

At one point a friend I was there with ducked into a bar to help out on a project he’d heard about online- a cum-pig was collecting a whole pint’s worth of spunk in a glass before he would drink it all down in one gulp. A little too much for me, but my friend said he went in, shot his load and the guy caught it in his glass with a very happy grin.

I also met up with a friend who isn’t the slightest bit shy and is a regular at the fair, Rich Kelly. I snapped a pic of him with the fetish Mickey & Minnie mouse(below) just before he scooted off to play naked Twister; check out his Tumblr for hardcore pics & vids of what he gets up to- the last time I looked there was a video of him sucking a guys cock at Folsom, cheered on by an excited crowd!

I’m going back this year (Sept 29th) and need to decide on an outfit; my thrown together lifeguard-shorts and side-cap didn’t really cut it last year. Any suggestions?

The SF Folsom street fair 2012

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  1. SFdude says:

    Nice article. I'm glad you had a good time, I've lived in SF for ten years and Folsom is always a highlight, as you say people are there just to enjoy themselves and not be judgemental bitches. Rock on!

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