Hung uncut amateur guy jerks and shoots SO MUCH CUM!

I just don’t know how some guys cum so much- where do they store it all? Their balls must be hollow, right? Anyway, this hung young man is jerking away quite pleasantly, his moans making my own toes curl because they’re just so damn hot to listen to, when all of a sudden his breathing deepens and we know it’s about to happen- he’s about to blast his load.

And boy does this guy have an uncut gusher. The cum just starts shooting, thick and white and everywhere, and it doesn’t stop. It simply keeps coming, seemingly inexhaustible, coating his smooth chest and belly, spurting away like it’s trying to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool with his fresh semen. It’s pretty fucking amazing.

Next time I see this trick I want to be on my knees with my mouth open in front of it!

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