DVD Review: Jake Jaxson presents Bad Boy

By guest blogger Miss Martine
DVD Review: Jake Jaxson presents Bad Boy

Despite his cute, dimpled face, Sebastian Young’s tattoos, piercings, and above all his devil-may-care attitude definitely earn him the title of “Bad Boy.” In his DVD compilation from Cockyboys, he takes on a number of similarly tattooed and pierced guys, with varying degrees of aggression but with equally steamy results. Sebastian is more into hair-grabbing than kissing; more into his own pleasure than that of his partner’s.

This is not to say that he isn’t attentive; he gives blow jobs, and even a rim job, without fear, but ultimately he seems to remain locked inside his head. We aren’t sure what his fantasies are or if they are even about men. Whether he is actually straight or not, if straight male play is hot to you, this will be too. And there is something undeniably sexy about the raw, utilitarian way Sebastian approaches his partners, taking them and using them for what they’re worth.

This compilation is reflective of how Cockyboys has developed over time, as well. Many of these older scenes are more scripted than recent ones- set in a garage, in prison, during a workout session. There are some stellar highlights, though: Sebastian fucking Jimmy Clay on a motorcycle, taking on Seth Knight with the help of Tommy Defendi, and the DVD finale- his solo scene.

It is here that we see the extent of Sebastian’s rough sexual nature and his penchant for exhibitionism. As he jerks off, repeatedly looking around the room to what are presumably different people involved in the filming, we also get a glimpse of Cockyboys’ future- the window in the background, the light falling across Sebastian’s body, a hint of the poetry we all love them for.

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