It’s no secret – Rich Kelly is INTO public sex

By Rich Kelly

Give me a dark park, gym locker room, public restroom, etc. and I’ll have a jockstrap and poppers at the ready! The risk factor involved is highly appealing, but only when it’s well calculated and approached responsibly . I may like to be daring, but I don’t like to be stupid or irresponsible.

It’s no secret – Rich Kelly is INTO public sex

My curiosity with cruising innocently enough began as a teenage guy. I had stumbled upon a phone number in a bathroom stall and became nervously aroused. Back in those days the closest thing we had to Grindrwas 1-800-4-HOT-MEN.

Taking that initial call filled me with anxiety, especially when he unexpectedly answered. Part of me had assumed the number couldn’t have possibly been real or that some sort of joke had been played. Needless to say, it was very real and that experience was unforgettable…

…And before any assumptions are made: Daddy loved me, Mama treated me well, and no one ever inappropriately touched my guy bits. I just needed tangible evidence to affirm my sexuality, one way or another (and you better believe I found it!).

Part of my continuing allure with this off-beat sexcapade is the ability to find and understand it within any corner of the world; conversely, my existing frustrations with public play seem to have no international withholding’s. What makes the experience exciting is being amongst a group of men who know what’s happening without a word being exchanged:The casual look

The shift in body language

The raw sexual tension

What shits me to no end is the lack of common sense and inability for some men to respect the unspoken rules:

Do not cruise in the presence of children.

Do not leave any sort of mess behind.

Do not make unwanted sexual advances.

And for god’s sake don’t creep around for hours on end, we all have our off days.

We deface public property, leave used condoms behind, and expose ourselves to unsuspecting bystanders to only then cry wolf when police have to intervene. Maybe I’m coming off a bit strong, but what happened to good ol’ common sense?

In a world where technology has replaced so much of our face-to-face interactions, maybe this is all an ‘art’ of the past. Where once used to exist a discreet sexual outlet now lies a variety of’s. Perhaps that’s where the demise in social graces has arisen and continues to plague our exhibitionist tendencies.

It’s no secret – Rich Kelly is INTO public sex

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a quick Scruff hook up or nightclub encounter but there’s nothing quite like a public fuck to get the heart racing (though there’s a chance it could be the poppers). As with anything else in life – just use your brain, I promise that it’s there for a reason! If the moment strikes you, whip that cock out in your gym steam room and keep a cautious eye on the door. If you see it happening and it’s not harming others, then let it be. And if you seem me in some dark, seedy corner of the world – come say hi.

4 responses to “It’s no secret – Rich Kelly is INTO public sex”

  1. Anonymous says:

    He’s a handsome hottie- someone you DO want to bump into in an alleyway

  2. Hebang says:

    Your stuff is interesting to read. I'd like to hear more about the behind the scenes working in porn to.

  3. Lovermuch says:

    Yeah, this is good advice for those new to public sex. I stick to the same bunch of rules! And I LOVE hooking up in airports.

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