Interracial boyfriends jerk off in a public elevator

These interracial boyfriends are being seriously naughty together- getting naked in their apartment block hallway, kissing and jerking where anyone could come and find them, and then wandering into the elevator to jerk on each other’s cocks as they take it down to the parking garage. The Indian looking guy has a BIG uncut cock, and the white guy has a nice cut one, and they’re both obviously super horned up at getting away with their late night (I presume) adventure…

Once they’re back in the elevator they get to jerking their dicks again, as the door opens and closes behind them (so risky!), before shooting their loads onto the elevator floor. The white guy shoots far, which sets off the Indian dude, whose big dick shoots his own load pretty far too. The floor is a total mess of cum, which the guy’s make sure to get a good view of on the camera!

One response to “Interracial boyfriends jerk off in a public elevator”

  1. Luke Tillery says:

    If I tried that in my apartment block I’d get caught on the cameras

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