Erotic story: I was a high school head giver

By KneelingInNC.

I used to walk home from school everyday with Troy, a friend of mine. He was the same age. His family was the only black family living in our apartment complex. We would often go to his apartment and chill or do homework. Every so often I might see his older brother, Alex, home from college. Alex was twenty years old, and like his brother, tall, good-looking, and in great shape.

One day Troy and I walked in to see his brother on the sofa with the remote control. He had shut the TV off the moment we walked in, but then smiled and turned it back on when he saw that it was us. Alex smiled as Troy pointed and laughed. He’s watching porn, Troy told me.

Troy and I laughed and sat down to watch. The brothers sat side by side on the sofa, I sat in a big chair by myself. The VCR was playing. On the TV a white girl was on her knees, a black man was standing with his hands on her head. She was slowly bobbing hear head, sucking on the biggest black cock I had ever seen.

We watched in silence. At one point I looked over to see what the brothers were doing. They had their feet kicked up on the coffee table. They were smiling, with big bulges in their pants. There are a lot of stories like these involving guys with big cocks, most are not true.

I had only seen big ones in porn. Never in person. So I was surprised to see how big my friend’s bulge was. His older brothers was much bigger. I guessed that Alex might actually be close to the size of the guy in the video. I figured Troy’s cock might grow to be as big as his older brothers, someday.

I went back to watching the action on TV, but now, suddenly, my imagination was turned. I think it was the size of those two cocks in the room that did it. I was now seeing it from the woman’s point of view. I pictured myself on my knees in front of a big black cock, slowing sucking.

The guy in the porn video began to moan, as did the girl. She pulled back and opened her mouth and he jacked off into it. A trickle of cum went down her chin. The video went on to the black man going down on her, and then various positions of sex. Troy asked me if I wanted a drink, and we both went over to the kitchen to get one.

“I wished you were gay, or bi,” Alex called from the living room.

I looked over to see him smiling at me.

“Man,” he went on, “I could use a bj like that.”

I laughed and said, “I bet you would just love to teach some young white guy to suck black cock.”

By now all three of us were laughing and joking about it. But in the back of my mind I was thinking of that big bulge in his pants. Was I actually curious about it? There in the kitchen I took a quick peek at Troy’s crotch. He was still hard from the porn he had just seen. Suddenly I was picturing his cock in my mouth everyday after school. I cleared my head and took a gulp of my soda.

The joke continued for the next week. Alex would tell me how he was going to teach me to love black cock, and I would kid him about just wanting to teach a young white guy to suck black cock. He would stand up from the sofa and pretend to have his hands on my head, and thrust his hips. “You’ll be begging to swallow my load,” he would say. “Cum in my mouth, Please,” We would laugh as he did this.

But the more we talked about it, the more I actually wanted to try. I even pictured his shooting a huge load into my mouth as I sucked and swallowed it. Until then I had only been into women. To this day I have no desire for a boyfriend, to kiss a guy, or fuck one. But now the idea of kneeling before Alex, or even my best friend Troy, was stuck in my head

Alex had to go back to college. I would not seem him again until around Thanksgiving. When he did come back, the jokes began again. I played along and we laughed. Then, one day, I stopped in to see Troy. He was not home. Alex invited me in. “He’s got that job after school,” Alex explained. “You can hang, if you want.” I said that I would.

He invited me into the kitchen for a soda. We stood and talked for a while, then finally he said, “So, seriously, you ever thought about sucking cock?” The question made me go flush in the face. I regained my composer, finally, then said, “Really, not until we began kidding around about it. I’m not into guys but have been a little curious since we have been kidding around, I guess. Don’t think I ever will though.”

We stood there sipping our sodas for a bit, looking at each other, then he said, “Come with me.” I followed him. He went into his bedroom. I knew what he was up too, I was nervous, but I went anyway. Did I really want to do this? He stood in front of me and took the soda from my hand and placed it on his dresser.

I did not say a word.

“You want to see what its like to suck a big black dick,” he stated flatly.

I shrugged.

“I’d love to teach you.”

I shrugged again and cleared my throat.

“I’ve never had a guy suck me. You’re right, I would love to teach a young white guy like you.”

Knowing Alex, this did not surprise me.

“No one is ever going to find out,” he said. “It’s cool.”

He put a hand on my shoulder and gently pressed own. I followed it and knelt.

I could see, through his jeans, that he had gotten thicker, but was not yet full. He was running a hand through my hair and stroking his crotch with the other.

“I got a big fucking cock,” he said. “You’re going to love this.”

I got my nerve up and reached for his pants. I rubbed the length of the shaft.

“Undo me,” he whispered.

Just like I had imagined so many times, I reached up and undid his belt, his snap, then zipper. He was wearing boxers. I opened his pants and pulled them down, with his underpants, to about his knees. My hands were shaking a bit, but I could not stop myself. The sight of this huge black cock in front of my face had my attention. Slowly, I placed one hand on this thigh. He reached out and stroked his cock.

“You’re going to fucking love sucking this man,” he said.

It was about nine inches, on the thicker side, with a huge head on it. He stroked it again and held it in front of my face. I got my nerve up again and took it in my hand. I had never held another guys cock before. It was warm, soft, and I could feel it throbbing as it extended all the way to its full hardness. I stroked it a bit. He moaned.

“Licking your lips?” He asked. “You want this cock, don’t you?”

I had licked my lips, but did not notice until he pointed it out.

“Close your eyes,” he whispered.

I did, and I could feel his hand closing over mine, his other hand moved to the back of my head. He gently pushed me in and guided his cock. I felt a huge cock- head at my lips. He slowly pushed in, and I let him. The feeling of his warm soft skin filled my mouth. The taste overtook my senses. I paused for a moment, feeling the throbbing sensation, then began to gently suck.

“This your first cock?” he whispered. “Yeah it is I can tell. You’re doing fine.” He put both hands on my head and began to slowly face fuck me. He was very gentle and he moved his hips for about three minuets. “Oh fuck yeah man. I’ve been wanting to fuck your little mouth for a while now.”

I let out a moan.

“You like that? You like that black cock in your mouth?” He paused and I took his cock out of my mouth, mostly to catch my breath.

“Fucking great,” I whispered, and I placed him back in my mouth.

“Play with the head,” he instructed, and I ran my lips over his massive head like a big lollypop. “Lick the shaft, yeah that’s great. Run your lips up and down it. There you go. Now stroke it. Yeah I like the way you look at it. You like big black cock, don’t you? Yeah you do now. I got some friends as big as me. You can suck all the black cock you want, any time you want. Would you like that?” I smiled at him then looked back at his cock. “Yeah, look at you stroking that thing and licking your lips.”

I put his big head to my lips and he put his hands on my head and slowly pushed in again. His head was as big as it could get and it filled my mouth. I was only getting about 1/4 of his shaft in there. I moaned and slowly bobbed, sucking.

This bobbing, licking, and playing with the head went on for a while. He talked to me the entire time. “You look good with that big dick in your mouth man. Yeah, you love black cock, now that you’ve tried it.” He had said that he was going to teach me to suck black dick, and he was doing it. He said that I was going to love it, and I was.

“I got one more thing to teach you man,” he whispered. “You’re going to love this.”

Just then I got a little taste of what I thought had to be precum. The idea of his cum in my mouth suddenly got me hotter. I moaned

“You get a little taste?” he asked.

I moaned again and sucked on, wanting more.

“What you want? Tell me what you want.”

I knew just what I wanted I was actually feeling hot for it. I slowly drew his cock from my mouth. “I want to drink your cum,” I said. I slid him back in.

“You want to drink some cum?”


“My cum?”

I moaned and sucked on.

“I got a huge load for yah man. Fucking huge load. You want it all?”

“I want it,” I whispered as I ran my lips over his head again, then slid my mouth down his shaft.

“I got a lot of that shit for yah. Yeah, I’m close.”

He thrusts his hips a little, but let me do most of the work.

“Here it fucking cums man, you ready?”

I was not sure if I was. Again I was nervous, but could not stop myself.

“Just drink it down man, just drink it down.”

His cock got thicker, his head swelled. I could not believe that It could get any bigger but it did.

“Fuck, man!”

I saw his stomach muscles tighten. His cock was jerking on its own. Suddenly there was a rush in my mouth.

“Fucking drink it man, yeah that’s it. Drink it down.”

It was thick stuff, warm, with a spunky salty flavor.

“Fucking drink it man.”

It suddenly dawned on me that I was had begged for it, and was now loving it.

“Fuck, oh FUCK!”

Shot after shot filled my mouth. I swallowed most but some went down my chin.

“OH fuck, you like that man? You like black cum?”

I was actually sorry when he stopped cumming.

“Yeah you got a big load man.”

I kept his cock in my mouth as he went limp. Some cum was still trickling out, I could taste it.

“Yeah, you like that shit. I can tell. Yeah I got you trained real good.

I took his cock out of my mouth and looked up at him.

“I can’t believe I just gave head,” I said.

“You like it?”


“You like black cock?”

“God, that was great.”

“Want some more?”

I nodded. He smiled and looked over to the door. My eyes followed. Troy was standing there, just back from work. I went red from head to toe. Troy walked slowly over to me, his eyes, big.

“I was kinda hoping that you would. But I can’t believe that you did.”

“How much did you see?” Alex asked.

Troy’s eyes never left me. “I heard you guys when I came in,” he said. “Been standing there about five minuets.

I could see a bulge in his pants. He stroked it.

“Did you like it?” he asked.

I was on my knees, still beat red, holding his brothers huge limp cock in my hand, cum on my lips and chin. I managed to nod, yes.

“You want more?” Troy asked. He reached for his zipper…

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