I want your opinions

This blog is all about helping you get off, so if something’s blocking that… I’m upset! *cries*

Be it bad navigation, broken videos, a distinct lack of Asian guys in sports shorts… If you think I need to fix something, or I should be doing things differently- let me know.

If there’s a video or picture of you on this blog and you’d like it removed, please email me to let me know and I’ll happily remove it. Be sure to include the URL and a description of what/where it is.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.

3 responses to “I want your opinions”

  1. paul says:

    I want to suck black or white cock any cock sweet love cock with big load

  2. New Puppy says:

    My name is Chuck I Im 23 I grew up in a very conservative Christian church in a ranching community in Washington State. The church I grew up in does not approve of gay lifestyle. For years they told me not to try anal sex, but I have now left the church I grew up in. I think I would like to have some rebellion and try getting topped by some guy who still has a foreskin and wants to bareback me. As you can see by the pictures my body is in decent shape and I am in the gym working out trying to make more improvements. I am wanting to get my body in really good shape and also have some skin peels makeing my completion perfect. My butt hole is still very tight and have not really used a dilldoe more than a few times. It is still very appealing to the eye for viewers to see wile I am being rimmed. Especially that moment when the fat head of a guys corona starts to touch it would be very apealing for viewers to feel experience also. Do you know of any experienced tops who might want to make a porn video of me trying it for the very first time? Im serious wanting to try this. Maybe forward this email on to some tops or versatile guys whomight be interested in doing a first time video. I would like to get topped by a guy who still has his foreskin but will concider others also. Barebacking would feel good and so much more personal of a connection. I would like to text with some guys and see what my options are and what they are interested in doing. The idea of doing a video and first talking about my background and why I have waited to lose it till now really turns me on.

  3. Woody says:

    Can you send me free gay porn to my email. davewood1905@yahoo.com

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