Hung young jock Noel from Seancody has bubble butt

It got pointed out to me today just how damn cute Noel at Seancody is. It was an actual crime that he didn’t make my list of the ten hottest Seancody guys, and I wish to repent by posting a bunch of hot videos of Noel getting his ass fucked to hell and back by a succession of hot jocks.

Now, if that doesn’t say I’m honestly sorry then what does?

Hung young jock Noel from Seancody has bubble butt

So, pull down your pants, squirt some of your favorite lube into the palm of your hand (personally I’m a Spunklube kinda guy) and put the Kleenix within hand and/or cum shooting reach, because we’re about to get balls deep in Noel’s perfect little bubble butt…

Our journey begins with Noel’s first ever appearance at Seancody, with the obligatory sofa jerk off™ that begins every aspiring porn stars career. He shows us where he’s most at home- on the beach, waxing his board and surfing the summer waves. So THAT’S how he’s so fit- surfing is a hell of a sport to tone a young man’s abs and arms.

Check out the trailer below and see the whole scene here.

As Noel went down so well with the Seancody fans, he was almost immediately brought back to face his first time with a guy. Joshua is the lucky jock who at first gets to hang out with Noel on a naked beach and then strip and show off their incredible bodies to the world. Oh to be on that beach!

Back on the faithful Seancody sofa Joshua is quick to shove his long, thick dick (for reals- it’s gorgeous) into Noel’s lubed up hole. Noel is a complete natural at being fucked- he takes every one of Joshua’s inches like a pro, his own dick as hard as a rock, slapping against his tight abs as he’s getting pounded into.

Check out the trailer below and see the whole scene here.

But Noel is a red-blooded male, and like any horny guy he wants to get his dick wet on a hot hole. Thankfully Seancody was on hand to record this sizzling event- and roped in five more muscular Seancody jocks to make it even spicier. Yup, we’re talking an orgy guys!

There’s a heck of a lot of sucking and fucking, and at one point Bryce is getting gang-banged by pretty much everyone in the room, so naturally Noel takes his turn, snaking his long cock into the sloppy hole in front of him, bareback of course. Noel is as hot being a top as he is a slutty bottom.

Check out the trailer below and see the whole scene here.

And then we reach the conclusion of our journey- possibly Noel’s ultimate fuck. Because he’s teamed up with Stu, the jock with the sexiest body I’ve EVER SEEN. His biceps are so large he can barely reach up to shave Noel’s face (they’re in a bathroom shaving- don’t ask, just watch ‘cos it’s hot).

When Stu’s naked he looks practically perfect- bulging muscles, hard cock jutting between his thick thighs, and that handsome face gazing down at Noel sucking on his balls. Noel gets his furry butt completely dominated, fucked to within an inch of an anal orgasm and then… BLAM. CUM SPLAT SUPREME.

Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here.

I haven’t included all of Noel’s back catalog here, simply because my dicks getting to sore to continue, but if you want to check out the rest of his butt-banging tales, click here.

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