Hot House: 50% discount & $1 trial offer!

Hot House, the studio that regularly brings us such treats as watching Boomer Banks ten inch cock disappear into a bubble butt, a tattooed bad guy taken down by a muscle daddy and getting his ass fucked, and sexy doctor/patient role-play scenarios, has just undergone something of a MASSIVE relaunch.

Gone are the dial-up era graphics and animated emoji’s, and say hello to a clean, web 2.0 (or whatever incarnation we’re on now) porn hub that’s primed to get your dick wet while keeping your clicking to a minimum. Because really, who wants a sticky mouse?

Hot House: 50% discount & $1 trial offer!

To celebrate the relaunch- which I entirely understand because designing a site can be exhausting and requires a tall glass of chilled champagne at the end- Hot House are offering a member discount of 50%. WOWZERS!

If that isn’t enough to convince you to give the site a try, they’re also offering a $1 trial, so you can check out everything the site has to offer and only pay the same amount you would for a McDonald’s burger. And Hot House won’t even make you fat- think of all those calories you’ll burn jerking off!

Check out the offer here. It’s running until June 12th 2015 so don’t dilly dally!

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