Hung French guy wanks & cums all over train floor

This horny and HUNG Frenchman has got a bad case of the super horn while travelling on a train with a friend (not solo on the London Underground, like this guy). He’s also wearing little shorts that make it easy to slide his cock out one leg and jerk off… You have to wonder if he had this planned!

So he jerks his long, uncut cock, which looks something like a missile, and before you can say ‘cum sur moi!’ he’s shooting a big, fat load of spunk onto the train floor. It’s so hot to watch, as his balls drain out, listening to the train rumble over the tracks, knowing that at any minute someone could walk along and get an eyeful of his fresh load of cum on the floor…

2 responses to “Hung French guy wanks & cums all over train floor”

  1. tsgtdick says:

    Dum Fuck never waste a hot wad either catch it and slurp it all up his self or have a bud to mouth it up an with the twitching cumming cock head in his mouth blasting every wad right on his tasting tongue & down his throat!!

  2. Eric Boga says:

    WOW. Just…. WOW.

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