Mysterious guy in hoodie jerks & shoots shoots cum

He may be shy, covering his face so we can only see his stubbly jawline, but he’s jerking a lovely hard uncut cock he’s not afraid to show off. He must have been edging before he turned the video camera on because he doesn’t last too long, teasing his cock with one finger at a time and then scooping some of his pre-cum off the end of his cock, wiping it on his bottom lip and tasting it- grr, so hot!

The taste of his own juices obviously sets him off and BLAM he starts shooting cum, and the first few shots go really far, making a hot mess on his shirt and jeans, before he milks out the last few blobs of cum and looks totally satisfied with the whole messy experience.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know if the guy is str8, gay, bi or what. Doesn’t matter. Looks beefy and has a thick cock. Not just gay/bi guys who have tasted their precum (or their own cum, for that matter), str8 guys sometimes do too. If so, that’d be way hot!!

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