Helix Studios teases their upcoming series ‘Lifeguards’ Gay porn news about Max Carter. http://postimages.givemegayporn.com/resources/images/related/helix-studios-lifeguards.jpg

Helix Studios teases their upcoming series ‘Lifeguards’

Shirtless twinks in little red shorts… Erm, you had me at YES PLEASE.

Welcome to Helix Studios upcoming series ‘Lifeguards‘, which sees the sexiest of their lean, young stars flouncing around California beaches under a blazing sun, saving drowning dogs and putting out bush fires with their collective pre-cum.

The series features the likes of Max Carter, Kyle Ross, Evan Parker, Tyler Hill, Blake Mitchell, Noah White, Sean Ford, Josh Brady, Joey Mills… Phew. Trying saying all that three times and still having a boner.

The trailer’s full of gorgeous visuals- hot young men, shorts, beaches, shorts, running, shorts, smiles, swimming and… Shorts. And there I was thinking summer was almost done- it ain’t even here yet.

Helix Studios teases their upcoming series ‘Lifeguards’

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