Muscular inked guy gives cum feeding in gym locker room

Who hasn’t wanted to get down and dirty in a gym locker room? Well this tattooed and handsome dude doesn’t just fantasize about these things- he makes them happen! He’s naked in his gym, jerking his dick, showing off his rocking body, as a guy is getting dressed next to him… The first time I saw this video I was thinking ‘what the fuck’, but then it makes sense- because the guy drops to his knees and waits for a cum feeding!

Yup, with a cue from the guy jerking, his friend takes one last look around to make sure they’re not going to get caught, drops down and puts that cock to his lips and waits for a creamy load to come out. And he gets his wish- the dude jerking cums, and puts on some amazing orgasm faces as he does so. It’s so damn hot watching these two muscular men getting away with a cum feeding in a gym locker room.

And somewhat worryingly it’s making me want to try the same thing. Can anyone bail me out if I get into trouble?

One response to “Muscular inked guy gives cum feeding in gym locker room”

  1. Eric Boga says:

    Erm… Wow? How the hell did they get away with that. And— HAWT!

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