Erotic Story: Glory Hole Trap part two

By Beaumonte Bill. Part one here.

I was really warming up to making faggots suck me off- I reflected on the last guy. He said he had never sucked before, and I made him do it the first time – for a REAL MAN. The sissy was crying afterward – maybe he regretted actually doing it – no matter, once you suck a cock you are a cocksucker and that can’t be undone. I wondered if I would see him again. Would he be ready for another?

I found myself looking forward to the book store – it was a lot easier than putting up with the hassle of a girl – and they didn’t suck all that well anyway! It made me feel especially manly to dominate those faggots.

On my next visit there were only a few people in the store, and they were all looking at the straight porn. I supposed the faggots are all in the back, so I went to the counter and bought some tokens for the machines. “We just installed booth nine,” the clerk said, “you might want to give it a try.”

I walked back to the booths and found booth nine at the end. It was empty so I went in and locked the door. I dropped a couple of tokens into the machine and took my cock out, waiting for a faggot. Soon I heard someone in the next booth and there was a mouth at the hole. I put my cock through the hole into the eagerly awaiting mouth. As always it felt truly wonderful – this faggot really understood his place in the world and how to please a REAL MAN!

He reached his fingers through and pulled my balls through the hole and massaged them – I had no idea that would feel so good, but the faggot really knew how to please a man.

Then something strange happened. I felt a tightening around me and realized that somehow the hole was getting smaller. It continued to tighten around me until it had a firm grip on me. I tried to pull back but I felt a sharp pain as my balls would not come back through the hole. The faggot was stroking my cock, probably to keep me hard so I couldn’t get away. The bastard had me trapped.

Suddenly the locked booth door opened and a woman and man entered. “What the fuck?!” I said.

She quickly silenced me by putting a piece of duct tape over my mouth. I tried to lash out but each of them caught one of my arms and pulled them over my head. I felt handcuffs placed on each wrist, with the other end hooked on a pair of rings over my head.

“Well now, macho man,” she said, “you aren’t in charge any more, are you?”

“You can do this the hard way,” she continued, “or the not-so-hard way – it’s up to you. For you there won’t be an easy way – your life will never be the same after today.”

I was clearly at their mercy and there was nothing I could do about it. I wanted to fight them with every ounce of my strength, but I knew they had me completely under their control. Whatever they had in mind for me I would have to endure until I found a chance to escape.

The two of them unbuckled my belt and slipped my trousers off me. She took my wallet, looking at my driver’s license and said, “Ok Mr. Jeff Michaels, We’ll have our private detective find out everything there is to know about you.”

They couldn’t take my shorts off because my cock and balls were sticking through them, but the guy took out a knife can cut them off me. That was a mean looking knife, and I hoped my shorts were all he intended to cut.

The woman said, “I know you aren’t doing this willingly, but since you are cooperating, I’ll spare you some of the pain – for now you will mainly experience humilation.”

I felt her hand on my ass, spreading my cheeks. She put something wet on me – probably lube of some sort. Next I felt a finger in me, then two, then three.

“If you resist it will really hurt – if you just relax it will be much easier – if you weren’t such a macho man you could even learn to like it,” she explained.

The three fingers spread, opening me up. I knew what was coming next – they were going to fuck me like a faggot. She pulled her fingers out and wiped them on my shirt and stepped aside. The guy stepped behind me and put one hand on my shoulder and I felt his cock pressing against my hole. I thought he would ram it into me but instead he slowly pressed and he slipped inside me without pain. I had never had anything up my ass before, except my doctor’s finger, and I never did like that.

The guy put his other hand on my shoulder and proceeded to fuck me. This had to be the very worst thing that had ever happened to me, and I was helpless to do anything about it.

“You got a nice tight ass,” he said, “I just LOVE fucking straight boys, but soon you won’t be straight anymore!”

So they thought they would turn me into a faggot! We’ll see about that – I couldn’t stop the rape, but I was still completely straight, and nothing would ever change that!

The guy in the next booth continued to suck me and I was fully hard while my ass was being plowed. In my aroused state the fucking almost felt good, but I quickly shook off that feeling and concentrated on being a REAL MAN.

The guy fucking me grunted and said, “That was a good fuck – nice ass!” He pulled out, and the guy sucking me stopped. It felt like he was just handling my cock to keep me hard, but didn’t want me to cum yet. I had never before felt so helpless. The guy who fucked me left and another guy came in. He didn’t say anything, but just shoved his cock up my ass. Thankfully he entered slowly also, but was clearly bigger – I could feel the stretch. It was uncomfortable, but not very painful – I could take it like a man.

As he fucked me, the cocksucker resumed his work. I was so damned aroused I was actually starting to like the fucking, which really embarrassed me. That must be part of their plan – but I was not going to let them make me a fag! The guy behind me finished and complimented my tight ass. He pulled out and left. The cocksucker pulled off again and resumed handling my cock. A third guy came in.

His cock was much bigger than the other two. Even though he entered slowly it was quite a stretch and it really hurt this time. If not for the duct tape on my mouth I would have been screaming my head off, but all I could get out were grunts. He heard me and stopped once he was inside. He whispered in my ear, “I’ll just hold still while you get used to me in you, then you let me know when you want me to start.”

Hell! I never want him to start! But if I didn’t go along with them they could make it really rough on me, so I just tried to relax and the pain began to fade. He asked me if I wanted him to continue and I nodded. It was just so damned humiliating for me to tell a guy I wanted him to continue fucking me! As he stroked in and out I realized that he must be HUGE! In addition to being thick he was long as well. When he stroked into me had seemed to “hit bottom” which hurt. I was beginning to get accustomed to his fucking when the cocksucker resumed sucking me.

The guy fucking me finished, but instead of pulling out, he trust in all the way and stayed there. He whispered to me, “your turn”.

The cocksucker did his best work and soon I shot what felt like my biggest load ever! It was a wonderful orgasm — until the guilt hit. I was overwhelmed with shame about cumming with this big cock up my ass! Was I starting to turn queer? Hell no! I’m completely straight and nothing will ever change that!

The guy in my ass pulled out, the door opened and the woman returned. I felt something even larger entering me – it was harder than a cock. She pushed it in as far as I could take it. It really hurt, feeling like it was splitting me open.

She and the guy took my hands down from the rings over my head and handcuffed them behind my back. The glory hole opened up and released my spent cock and drained balls.

The woman put some sort of leather harness on me that buckled around my waist and had a wide strap that went between my legs. It held whatever they put up my ass in place. The woman picked up my pants and took me out the back door. I stood there, without pants with her and the three guys who had just fucked me.

The woman held up a small cup about the size of a shot glass, filled with white stuff, that I knew must be cum. She held it near my mouth while one of the guys took off the duct tape. I kept my lips tightly closed, but one of the other guys pinched my nose so I couldn’t breath. I continued to resist until I finally had to open my mouth to breath, and she poured the cum into my mouth. Immediately the duct tape was slapped back on my mouth and I was left with a really horrible taste.

“You can enjoy the taste as long as you wish,” she said, or just swallow and be done with it.”

No matter what, I was NOT going to swallow cum! The taste was really terrible – it was a disgusting and vile thing to have cum in my mouth – I felt a little nauseous, but I didn’t dare puke with the duct tape in place – I could choke and die on my own vomit.

They led me to a car and put me in the back seat. When my ass hit the seat it pushed the object in my ass, hurting really badly. I positioned myself so I was sitting on one cheek, not pushing the object further.

My thoughts now returned to the cum in my mouth. I didn’t want to swallow it, but didn’t like the taste either. They would probably make me swallow it anyway, so I decided to get it over. I swallowed, and there was a bad aftertaste, but most of it was gone.

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